Hey Dana, Conor & Floyd – Here Is How To Have The Fight Of The Century

Like many fight fans, I have been following along with the talks and headlines about the possibility of a Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match. Nothing is definite yet, besides the fact that there is a lot of interest in this match up.

The latest at the time of this article is that Conor has signed the contract for the fight.

Plenty of people shoot it down as being a ridiculous idea, how Floyd would destroy Conor in a match up with boxing rules, and others give Conor a chance, mainly in the first couple rounds, as he has shown numerous times, it just takes one of those left hooks to change, or win a fight.

Here Is How To Create The Fight Of The Century

One thing on many people’s minds is if the Mcgregor Mayweather fight could set a new record over the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. GGG and Canelo should do the same, although one could argue they aren’t as internationally known as Manny and Floyd were at the time.

Why seek a new date? Have this fight on the same night as Canelo and GGG!

Of course the Alvarez Golovkin fight alone is considered one of the biggest fights in some time, and definitely a fight of the year candidate that will give serious competition, and maybe even surpass the Klitschko Joshua numbers.

But imagine how big this would be if you added the Mayweather Mcgregor fight to the same fight card?

That would be absolutely EPIC.

And think about it, what big fight is there on the horizon after the GGG Canelo showdown in the boxing world?

There are a few fighters coming up I think have great potential, such as Errol Spence, or Vasyl Lomachenko, but they aren’t huge, internationally known names quite yet. If you were to go by Instagram followers, Anthony Joshua appears to be one of the fastest growing names, as he is gaining on Manny fast, who has 3.8 million followers. You can name a bunch of names like Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford, Andre Ward et al, though they aren’t as well known as Floyd and Conor (Btw, I personally think Errol Spence should be on the top 10 p4p list, just my 2 cents, we shall see after he faces Kell Brook soon).

And so, boxing fans have some excitement in anticipation of the GGG Canelo fight, two of the biggest names in the boxing world right now, and then there is that let down once it is over, since who will the winner of that fight face once it’s over?

So why not put all your chips on the table and go for the most epic, PPV record setting fight night that has ever happened?

Then you have the amazing match of Golovkin and Alvarez off-setting the Mayweather Mcgregor for all boxing fanatics who think that is insulting to the sport.

Each fight individually has great potential, but I think having them both on the same night, in the same arena, would shatter many records.

Potentially Good For Both Boxing and MMA/UFC

I also think it would be good for both sports. Not that we will be seeing any MMA at this fight, but it will bring more MMA awareness to boxing fans, and if Conor holds his own here, boxing fans who were not going to watch Conor fight Floyd, and just watch GGG and Canelo, would likely be impressed by that, and gain some respect for the level of boxing in the UFC.

Then you have MMA and UFC fans who tune in and wouldn’t have seen the Alvarez Golovkin fight, which should be an insane fight, and so I think it does good things for both MMA and boxing.

And who knows what could happen after this? Would Conor challenge another boxer if he won? Could it be the winner of GGG and Alvarez? (Of course that sounds ridiculous with the odds stacked against him, but a fight is a fight and you never know, Floyd himself even said that, and explained how he could get beaten).

Were Conor to beat Floyd, maybe someone like Vasyl Lomachenko would be up for the challenge. Or maybe then Amir Kahn would be up for a cage match against Conor as he hinted at recently. I know I would love to see that one go down, and anyone who fights Conor at this point is likely to see a nice payday. Plus I would love to see a high level boxer take on a predominantly stand up fighter like Conor in the cage.

What do you think?


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