My 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Results

Hi everyone! I decided it was high time I gave you guys my 7 day cabbage soup diet results! I know it’s been a while since I actually finished my experiment. My dad was here for a few weeks and I got a little bit preoccupied with doing stuff with him, so I fell behind on my posts and videos for a little while.

I think in one of my videos – probably the last one (from day 5) I had mentioned to you earlier that I had only done the soup diet for about five and a half because I wound up going away for that next weekend and then my dad came in, but I did have some results.

Some of the cabbage soup diet results seem to be sticking!

Here are a couple of things that I feel I’ve been able to change as a result of trying the protocol. One thing I did is during the soup diet was cut out all dairy products. Hoang from the Total Recovery practice (he’s got his office next to the gym where I work out) had told me to not have any milk products during that week.

And, over the years, one of the things I had always consumed was had half and half in my coffee.

I decided to see if I could just switch to black coffee, and low and behold I have not had any half and half in my coffee since then.

I simply switched to black coffee – and I’ve stayed with it since then (and it’s been close to a month now). The carton of 1/2 and 1/2 says that there are 40 calories in two tablespoons. Well, I can tell you that I typically use more than two tablespoons in a cup of coffee. I’ll bet that I was using at least 100 calories of half and half a day. I stopped, so right there there’s 100 calories less that I have to battle every day!

(Cue FIST BUMPS and HIGH FIVES to ME!) 🙂 🙂 

I recall that years ago I used to drink my coffee black, so I don’t know what made me go back to using cream. Anyway, that’s 100 calories a day right there. If I don’t have half and half every day and I’m saving 100 calories a day that’s pretty good. That’s over 3,000 calories in a month. And of course over 36,000 calories in a year!! That’s that much of less that I have to contend with at the gym, for example.

Another thing that I was able to really cut back on and that’s also staying with me is not eating as much chocolate. I was having only two little bars, two little squares of Lindt chocolate almost every day, and that’s over 120 calories, or about 125 calories I figured because I went with the dark chocolate. So far I haven’t been going back to that on a daily basis either.

I was getting way into ice cream because I hadn’t been drinking as much so I kind of cut back on that too.

What about actual weight loss as a result of the diet?

The weight loss that I had over the course of that week (it was only about five or six pounds), was probably mostly water weight. We’ll see what happens. But, I think I’ve actually kept some of that weight off.

With my dad here for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t tracking myself much, and didn’t weigh myself either. But I don’t think I really gained that much back. I’ll report more on that in the next week or so.

I can’t really think of anything else that changed dramatically as a result of doing the cabbage soup diet, but I do like the soup itself.

I wound up making it twice while my dad was here, and he loved it! So that was just a natural part of some of our lunches and dinners while he was here.

And I’ve decided that I’m going to just be making it again more often – if only to kind of take a break from the heavier types of foods that I might normally be having. Like, if I have too much meat or fatty foods- it will be a nice break on occasion.

I’m going to have that as a more standard part of my diet going forward, if maybe just for a rest day or combined with some intermittent fasting, which I do do once in a while as well.

I did want to just give you that update, so thanks for bearing with me through all these little experiments that I’m doing! In all seriousness – a person can make “cabbage soup diet results” only SO interesting or entertaining…

I’ll be back with you again soon with some more posts, and also videos of product reviews. Thank you so much for joining me!

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