Savvy shoppers know that the best products are not always the most expensive. You could be paying a premium to buy a brand name while a perfectly good alternative is on the shelves for 20% less money.

In this article, we will uncover some of the best eye cream and gel products priced under $100, sometimes even less than $50. They are all brand names, many recognizable, and reviewed by real people who gave them ratings of 80% or more.

Purchase them at the makeup department in any regular drug store or department store or buy them online, possibly at a discount.

eyeBest Eye Creams that Reduce Eye Bags, Dark Circles, and Wrinkles

Skin all around your body is irritated and damaged by the sun, poor diet, stress, and aging.

Using a high quality eye care product like a cream or an eye serum (try this one if you want a serum) can lessen the effects of the environment and slow the aging process.

High quality eye creams and other skin care supplements are not gimmicks: they really produce results in response to these issues which are sometimes just aesthetic but which can also be uncomfortable for people at any age.

These formulae have been developed by chemists and dermatologists following strenuous research and testing.

What results should you expect from high-quality products? Some or all of the following effects have been seen after a few weeks, a month, or even immediately after applying a cream or gel to the delicate area around a person’s eyes:

• Reduced puffiness
• Reduction or elimination of dark circles
• More moisture
• Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
• Firmer skin

Eye creams are formulated to protect and repair skin suffering from the effects of aging, sun damage, illness, sleeplessness, inflammation, and other things which show up directly around this sensitive region.

Certain benefits do not last long but instantaneous. Others will stick over time if the formula is beneficial and a person’s skin is fully responsive. As with any supplement, certain people see more obvious benefits and more quickly.

What Eye Cream Contains

The gels and creams listed below contain a huge assortment of ingredients, often obscure and hard to pronounce. Some, when reduced to layman’s terms, are nothing more than tea extracts you can find at any health food store and that you might have already been drinking, but in a cream or gel format they get right into the cells where it matters.

Importantly, these products do not contain parabens and perfumes plus other chemicals and irritants which only make matters worse. You should always avoid parabens, fragrance (except what is naturally produced by restorative extracts), and alcohol.

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate, $80

This non-greasy product is non-allergenic and ideal for those with hyper-sensitive skin. It is a cream suitable for all skin types, effective “from temple to temple” according to Clarins.

Ingredients include organic Haringana to target sagging skin, Guarana for bags, Cupuaco butter for moisture, D-Panthenol for thicker lashes, and Cassie flower wax to promote smoother skin.

As an all-purpose cream, it will be suitable on the oily skin of young individuals with acne or a grandmother’s creases from a lifetime of laughter, smiling, and staying up late waiting for her children to come home.

Vichy Reti-C Eyes Intensive Correction

Like the name says, this $40 product is here to correct damage done to your skin, and it will also care for and protect skin exposed to the sun but often forgotten and avoided when applying sun screen.

This non-irritating mixture moisturizes while reducing the appearance of fine lines with the help of retinol: a useful ingredient to combat signs of aging. Consumers were impressed that it also contains sunscreen which makes this an excellent option for anyone who works outside a lot.

$20 Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel

Most products on this list are creams, but gels tend to be instantly soothing, like this one, which cools and moisturizes instantly. Keep it cool for an even more pleasing sensation and you will notice its herbal extracts working on puffiness within five minutes.

If you work in dry conditions much of the time, the soothing properties of Mario Badescu’s gel will be instantly noticeable. At $20, this is even affordable for young people wanting an inexpensive gift for mothers, aunts, and friends.

Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream

For around $60, your next eye cream could be this anti-aging product that contains antioxidants and nourishment for sensitive, mature skin. Dr. Brandt’s cream soothes the area with a non-greasy, light formula while hydrating and brightening it immediately.

Ingredients like phytochemicals help to tighten skin and replace lipids in dry, hollow-looking areas. According to the makers, soy and isoflavones stimulate skin to become firmer where it has lost elasticity caused by aging.

Vitamin E stops the action of free radicals while antioxidants get to work killing them and restoring life to a hollow, dead-looking facial region. Look and feel more alive and alert even after you thought there was nothing you could do about the effects of getting older.

Skinceuticals Eye Balm, $80

We are back to the higher-priced items, but consumers strongly believe this Skinceuticals balm is one of the best products of its kind. They see lasting results within a couple of weeks such as the restoration of age-damaged skin.

Skinceuticals Eye Balm is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, soothing irritated cells along the way. Give it to someone who suffers allergies and often rubs his or her eyes (eye creams are not just for women).

Ole Henrikson Truth is in the Eyes

Cut the price in half and you have another gel, light and refreshing, which reduces bags and softens dry skin. Ole Henrikson’s eye gel contains micro algae which firm skin and restore the production of collagen. Soy and rice bran peptides promote circulation to lighten dark areas.

Exfoliants remove dead cells and encourage the body to make new, stronger cells which renew a youthful appearance around the eyes. Vitamin C “lightens, brightens, and tightens” in the view of Ole Henrikson’s team.

Pentavin has been added for hydration, which leads to skin that looks and feels smooth. You get your money’s worth with this $40 infusion of skin care supplements.

Tips When Buying

Buying a good eye cream is not a science but you do need to carry out a bit of research in order to get good value for your money. Many eye creams out there are merely marketing fads and purely commercial which means that it is best to opt for the higher end ones or ones which come with patented ingredients like the Elite serum.

There are a few characteristics which warrant you spending a lot of money on an eye cream purchase and they are outlined below. These pointers outline the major concern of most people when it comes to the eye area and they make the money well worth it.

There is no substitute for protecting your delicate eye area from the detrimental effects of the sun as the sun can cause a multitude of issues like skin darkening, age spots, wrinkles and even DNA damage. You need a cream which provides both UVA and UVB protection for best results. If the damage from the sun can be minimized, the other problems are slightly easier to deal with.

The major problem of older or aged skin is that its glands stop producing as much oil as before and this causes the skin to dry out and fine lines to form. The lipids can be damaged causing cracks to appear in the lower layers of the skin.

Crow’s feet may appear which are hard to reverse. Any eye cream for that matter is going to replenish the lost moisture and ward off free radicals which again cause aging.

The pigment under the eyes has a tendency to get dark for most people. Some people suffer from eye bags and dark circles more than others due to genetic reasons or the stress of a certain lifestyle. Eye creams can combat the problem reasonably well if they are applied regularly and the problem is not a deeper indicator of something else.

Skin texture can also be improved such as the skin can become much smoother and also softer to touch without any bumps or varicose veins. Soothing ingredients like oolong tea or green tea can also enhance this effect and calm down any redness that may exist in the area.

The most important function of an eye cream is in the reduction as well as the treatment of wrinkles. Wrinkles are formed because of a combination of the above mentioned factors but they can be dealt with and filled in at least temporarily.

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