Many anti-aging, antioxidant-rich substances prove elusive in the regular diet. We don’t generally eat enough fish, leafy greens, and other healthy foods. The great news about resveratrol is you could already be eating or drinking it in large quantities.


These fighters fend off free radicals to prevent cancer and other illness. Usually associated with green tea, oranges, Vitamin C supplements, resveratrol is another antioxidant. Immunity gets a boost whenever you add a little of this substance to the mix of supplements or healthy foods in your diet.


Immune boosters also defeat the signs of aging such as wrinkles and thin skin. Resveratrol is commonly associated with anti-aging products; perhaps more than it is with immunity. Take a look at the cosmetics counter when you visit the drug store and you will see many bottles boasting resveratrol as an active ingredient, especially for skin repair. Resveratrol is a cellular defender.

Where Do You Find Resveratrol?

The most encouraging source could be the one which seems counter-intuitive to both good health and anti-aging: red wine. Does alcohol promote aging and break down our natural defenses against illness? Not necessarily: a glass of red wine each night has been associated with good sleep, stress reduction, and strong immunity for a long time. Make sure your “glass” isn’t a pint though.

Peanuts and, therefore, peanut butter are great for your health too. Rich in fiber and potassium, they also contain the means to fight disease and promote cellular skin defense in the form of resveratrol. Vegans can celebrate that, once more, a plant protein is not only immensely valuable but also extremely tasty in a sandwich with jam. Try one made from red grapes and containing very little sugar.

Other fruits benefit the system, especially berries. Consumers have been aware of their high fiber, antioxidant, and low calorie content for a long time. Perhaps the fact that they contain an age-fighting component like resveratrol will come as a surprise.

Cultural Beliefs

What is it about the French which makes them so slender? Why are their hearts healthier than those of most people in Europe? One theory is that their consumption of red wine has a lot to do with it. Dark chocolate and cocoa contain resveratrol too and these are popular among the French; great with a glass of Marachel Foch.

From the Bottle

Apart from a wine bottle, is there any other bottled source of this nutrient one can find in a store? If a nutrient can be extracted and sold as a pill, pharmaceutical companies will do it and they have with a variety of supplements.

One can also find this substance in over-the-counter skin creams and serums. After boosting your intake of resveratrol you might notice several things. Circulation improves. Blood pressure and blood sugar go down while skin feels smoother.


Studies have been inconclusive, however, as to the real benefits of resveratrol. Many advocates can only make anecdotal claims. Results of some studies don’t support the idea that this substance is so useful to the body. There is no harm in eating the foods listed above, however, nor in drinking the occasional glass of red wine.

Choose GMO-free, organic peanuts, peanut butter, dark chocolate, berries, and Merlot and lead a healthy lifestyle while enjoying these rich flavors.