VersaDesk Power Pro: A Simple Solution to Reduce Prolonged Sitting

A recent report by the Mayo Clinic has revealed that sitting for extended periods especially for work, can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and even death by at least 50%.

The study which compared adults who spend only two hours in a day with those who spent at least 4 hours in front of their television, computers or any other media device, revealed that those who spent more time had an increased risk of death from any cause and a 125% increase in the risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. (Source:

This isn’t exactly news.

It is no news that sitting for long periods daily amounts to living a sedentary lifestyle which is bad for health but most people are left with no other option because it’s the age of technology and most job descriptions require that you have to carry out tasks using a computer.

The good news is that you no longer have to continue to endanger your health by sitting every time you need to work. With a helpful innovation like the Versadesk Power Pro, you can preserve your health by allowing working conveniently from a standing position.

What is the VersaDesk Power Pro?

The VersaDesk Power Pro is a unique standing desk converter that allows you to stand and sit intermittently while working.

It features an automatic desk converting feature that you can use to convert your sitting desk into a standing desk with just a push of a button.

If you feel like you have done enough standing for the day or your legs have simply become too weak to continue to stand, you can simply use the button to convert the desk back into a sitting desk.

All of this is done swiftly and easily without the stress of having to move any desk components or units around the place.

Why the VersaDesk?

This is an out-of-the-box, simple solution to the issues potentially created by prolonged sitting. Whether you work from home or an office, there is a very high probability that you would have to sit for at least 4 hours a day. As mentioned earlier, this puts your body at risk of a lot of health challenges. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting a standing workstation:

#1, and probably most importantly, it helps you avoid a totally sedentary day: This standing desk can help you get some measure of physical activity during the day and you wouldn’t have to put your work on hold or miss work deadlines to be able to achieve this.

#2, it can help you lose weight: Who would’ve thought- a desk that helps you lose weight? Standing of course, burns off more calories than sitting. On top of that, you also get toned legs, a slimmer core and stronger calf muscles.

#3, it may help with increased productivity: When you sit for extended periods, it causes mental fog and fatigue (personally, I feel lethargic if I just sit for too long) and this is why it is usually recommended that you take a moving break a few times during work. With a standing desk, you can easily clear brain fog and combat fatigue while at work so that your level of productivity can increase without jeopardizing your health.

#4, it can help to improve your posture: Slouching is a very common habit with people who sit for long hours and slouching gradually alters your posture. Trust me, I know about this! With a standing desk like Versadesk, you may strengthen your back and consequently, enjoy better posture.

#5, it can increase your energy and mental alertness: When you sit for a long time, it reduces the flow of blood and oxygen within the body. When you stand, blood would flow better especially to the brain and this translates to improved mental alertness and energy.

Features of Versadesk Power Pro

The Versadesk Power Pro comes with a number of features such as:

  • 3 Optimal Monitor Mounts: This desk comes with an easy-to-use monitor mount that allows you to adjust the height of your computer screen or any other device you use to a convenient height so that you can work easily without stress.
  • Easy to Customize: Versadesk is not some boring desk; you can choose from four colors, shapes (rectangular and corner), and sizes (30″, 36″, 40″ and 48″).
  • No Need to Assemble: The desk comes already assembled so there’s be no need to struggle with assembling challenges. Open the box, put the thing on your table or desk, plug it in, and go!
  • Lifetime Warranty: The manufacturers are so confident with the standard of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. Nice.
  • Adjustable to 20 inches: The desk also has superb elevation ability as you are able to elevate it to at least 20 inches just by pushing a button.
  • Supports up to 80 lbs: The fear of a desk falling apart while your gadgets are on it because it cannot carry a lot of weight, is a real thing. But with Versadesk Power Pro, you have nothing to fear as this desk is able to carry at least 80 Lbs. without hassles.

Green Technology – Green Workplace

There are even more reasons why we’re so fond of the VersaDesk. It may interest you to know that Versadesk Power Pro is also completely designed and assembled in the USA using green manufacturing technology.

  • The wood that they use is sourced from sustainable forests.
  • The company’s offices and their manufacturing facility use over 90% natural lighting.
  • The metal in the desks is recycled.
  • Online ordering reduces paperwork, and they recycle at their facilities.
  • Your desk will happily contain NO harmful vapors, chemicals or processes.

You can check out their best practices here. Impressive.

A Good VariDesk Alternative

When it comes to popular standing workstations like the VersaDesk, many people think first about VariDesk (yes, a subtle difference in names – but totally different companies) because the VariDesk company has been spending money on a heavy television commercial presence recently. We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the “big player” in this review.

But you now know that VariDesk is hardly the only sit-stand desk on the market. Besides the VersaDesk, which of course we’re primarily focusing on in this review, there are others that we’ve looked at. Here are a few other popular brands:

The Spark: For example, one of the different options includes a clever $25 cardboard option called the Spark (by Ergodriven). Obviously, comparing the Spark to a VersaDesk isn’t exactly apples to apples – but it’s still fun to look at, and worth a mention for sheer ingenuity! The first thought that came to my mind when I saw it was, “Cool! An cardboard origami desk!”

Check it out on Amazon here.

The FlexiSpot: Then there is the FlexiSpot 35″ adjustable desk that comes in at less than $300, which at first glance resembles a VersaDesk or VariDesk. But, the frame is clearly different, and you do have to assemble it. You can see the FlexiSpot on Amazon here.

Ergotron WorkFit-TL: Another somewhat look-a-like is the Ergotron WorkFit-TL, which, at $451 seems high for what it looks like – at least in my opinion. But, one reviewer said he liked it because the keyboard tray was larger. Of course, you can judge for yourself if it’s right for you. See the Ergotron WorkFit-TL here.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best standing desk for your own purposes.

VariDesk vs VersaDesk

But, let’s get back to looking at VariDesk vs VersaDesk – which really is comparing apples to apples. And in this case, we’ll compare the VariDesk’s most popular model (the 36″ Pro Plus) to the 36″ VersaDesk.

Price Difference: The VersaDesk is $5 less than the VariDesk, even thought the VariDesk is adjusted manually; that is, you have to physically adjust the height by pushing a couple of levers on either side of the desk top.

Shipping: Both offer free standard shipping in the lower 48 (continental) United States. However, if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, there’s no guesswork as to your shipping costs with the VersaDesk Power Pro. VersaDesk has flat fees, clearly stated on their website for you: Alaska = $140 Flat Rate Fee, Hawaii = $160 Flat Rate Fee, and Canada = $120 Flat Rate Fee (of course, you are responsible for any additional taxes or duty fees).

Desk Widths:

  • VersaDesk offers their model in 4 widths: 30″, 36″, 40″, and 48″
  • VariDesk offers their model in 3 widths: 30″, 36″, and 48″
  • Both offer a corner model, both of which include a 36″ and 48″ option

Adjustability: VersaDesk has no pre-set heights, and you can adjust it up to 20″ whereas the VariDesk has pre-set “notches” that you have to “click” into. While not a terrible thing, some people – especially those who may have some mobility issues (reaching, lifting, etc) – might find that to be uncomfortable, may not find the “perfect” height setting for them, and may not use the standing function of the desk as much as possible.

Trial Period: Both companies offer a 30-day risk-free trial.

Weight Capacity: VersaDesk wins, hands down. Even in the 36″ model, the VersaDesk can handle up to 80 pounds. The VariDesk, by comparison (36″ ProPlus model) can only handle up to 35 pounds. That’s a considerable difference.

Warranty: Again, the VersaDesk gets our vote with their lifetime warranty, whereas the VariDesk comes with a limited one-year warranty – evidently only if purchased through their official website (there is no mention of any specific warranty if you purchase the VariDesk through Amazon; however, it’s possible that there may be one – you’d have to ask.)

Other Stuff: One thing that we like about the VersaDesk over the VariDesk is that the desktop has 3 standard grommet holes (2″ diameter) so you can feed your wires and cables. It seems as though all the desks should have this now, but they don’t. We like it because it just makes for a tidier worktop.

In the case of the VersaDesk, the adjustments are done electronically with that ever-so-simple push of the button.

Downsides of Versadesk Power Pro

The only downside of this product is that it does have a higher price tag ($390 for the 36″ model) than, say, the cardboard “Spark” at $25 (smiling… we know – it’s obviously not a good comparison). Considering that you are probably going to use the workstation for a long time, we believe that it is a good investment.

And, in comparing the VersaDesk to any of the other comparable products, it’s actually not that expensive at all.

Where to Buy the Versadesk Power Pro

Versadesk Power Pro is available for sale on the company’s website here, and on Amazon here. The desk is shipped immediately after purchase and you’ll have it delivered within 1-2 weeks after purchase.

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