Fad Diet Encourages Sleep Over Eating

I read this Fox News story and couldn’t help myself but laugh.  Even the experts out there are ripping on this insanely stupid way to lose weight.

What is the Sleeping Beauty Diet?

In short, the premise behind this diet is that if you are sleeping, you aren’t eating and consuming calories.  The story goes that anorexics are taking sleeping pills and other sedatives and hoping this leads to weight loss.  Experts are obviously concerned, for multiple reasons.

sleeping Beauty

In some cases, the dieters have slept for up to 20 hours per day.  While some people may think that is absolute and pure bliss, I call that absurd. I’d rather be out active and getting stuff done rather than be holed up in my bedroom, no matter how comfortable that may seem to me sometimes.

Sleeping pills all but tore apart my last relationship, so the fact that people are actually doing this in order to sleep through meals really doesn’t sit well with me.

Perhaps the most alarming take away from this fad is that websites promoting anorexia are calling this “narcorexia.”  To think, people are actually getting behind this is just mind blowing.

The report quoted one person saying:

“This diet is perfect for the end of the school semester, or just for people who have a lot of extra time on their hands.”

If you have 20 hours per day of free time, I hope you are retired and financially stable.  If you aren’t, pardon my French, but you may just be a first class loser.

Eating disorders are a serious problem all over the world.  I’m really sad to say this but if you are even thinking about getting on this sleeping beauty fad diet, you are certifiably lazy.

Who is with me on that one?  Seriously!

In other news, if you want to get in shape, or just lose weight, I highly recommend you check out some of my more serious blog updates below.

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