How to Detox After a Big Weekend of Partying

You lie in bed, dreading the start to the work week.  Your head rings like you just spent the weekend in the front row of a concert with your favorite rock band.  Your stomach is twisted, as if you were just body slammed by Andre the Giant.  Your ceiling fans are spinning at warp speed – or are they?

How to Detox After the Weekend

We’ve all had the epic weekends.  “Boys night out.”  “Ladies Night.”  Perhaps a bachelor party or maybe even just a get together with old friends.  Or perhaps your neighborhood get together just got a little tipsy.  Whatever the case may be, there are ways to handle the bloating and toxins that will essentially reset your body to a State of well being to where you’ll be able to focus and attack the week with a vengeance.

Pho Noodle Soup

In order to not keep the hangover lingering, you must take action, and take it now.  Below are some essential tips you can use to self-detox after a few too many tequilas, or whatever your libation of choice may be.

#1:  Hydrate like you are putting out a fire inside your body.

Getting water into your bloodstream is job #1.  Don’t discount this very easy way to right yourself after the debauchery.

#2:  Detox With Teas.

You can get the basic stuff like mint or chamomile at most grocers, and certainly at Whole Foods.  These will relax your stomach and cleanse your colon.  You can mix this with honey for an extra effect.  If you want to drag this out and really give your body a solid cleanse, I highly recommend this detox formula that leans you out.

#3:  Eat Clean.

When you drink, you essentially kill all of the vitamins from your body.  It’s time to replenish them with fruits and vegetables.

#4:  Rest.

Sleep it off.  It’s as easy as that.

#5:  Avoid the Caffeine

If you take any weight loss diet pills or drink coffee, you can really hurt your road to recovery.  Caffeine dehydrates your body and this is the last thing you want to do.

#6:  Sweat it Out

Exercise gets rid of toxins in your body and also circulates blood and oxygen to your brain.  Maybe you have to skip out on P90x, CrossFit, or Insanity, but a brisk walk or some mild cardio will definitely help.

For extra help with that, check out this toxin elimination product.

#7:  Vitamins

If you can take vitamins BEFORE you pass out, this will totally aid your recovery, and perhaps we aren’t even on this topic.  Think about it – when you drink and pollute your body with toxins, you need to quickly recover and add nutritious elements back to your body.  A vitamin dosage before bed can really help speed the process while you sleep.  I’ve done this routinely and wake up feeling fresh and ready to attack the day on most occasions.  (Or at least less sluggish than I would normally be.)

#8:  Soup City

Nothing helps you replenish fluids like a solid Chicken Soup.  If you don’t have a can of Campbells in your pantry, and you aren’t afraid to venture out, go out and get yourself a Pho Noodle Soup at the local Vietnamese restaurant.  This is something my friends and I do in Las Vegas due to the abundance of places you can get Pho in China town off Spring Mountain Road.  If you want a suggestion, this site has a review you must read.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen too often to you. However, if you find yourself in need of a detox, you can refer back to this list and know that there are plenty of home remedies for a hangover that you can incorporate into your post-drinking game plan!
Does anyone else have anything that works for them to help get over a hangover?  We always welcome comments from our readers.



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