Mid Summer Cleansing Options

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So you just finished up your epic Fourth of July, and you feel like you may be slightly larger in the waist than you expected to be!  I feel your pain.  This year was particularly difficult because the 4th of July fell on a Tuesday.  #onaTuesday.

This meant that most people with 9-5 jobs working in Corporate environments needed to relax.  For most of them that I know, this meant taking off on Friday and making this a five day weekend.  Five days of anything can be a real positive or negative affect on our bodies. Think about how good you feel after working out for five days straight.  Think about how bad you feel after well, the opposite, eating hot dogs like perennial hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut and drinking beers like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Top Tips for Cleansing Mid Summer

First and foremost, know that we’ve set up some very intriguing pages addressing this topic.  I highly recommend you view the following pages and take some action.  I’ve weighed in with some thoughts on each below each link.

This post covers it all!  For all you weekend warriors, this is the end all, be all post that will help you snap back and look your best after being toxic with your friends and family.

Skinny Bunny Detox tea is a great way to add nutrients to your body and clean out all the bad junk you’ve accumulated from over-indulging.  Alternatively, another solid one that isn’t a program, rather a “do it when you want to” is MateFit.  Read about it here.

This post talks about how much weight you can sweat out in an hour.  It’s really an eye opener on how you can shed pounds in a very rapid manner while doing some cardiovascular exercises.  Personally, there is nothing like a good sweat to help me get those nasty toxins out of my body.  For a bonus, find a steam room or sauna and really get that sweat going.  It’s also amazing for your skin!

Perhaps most important is the need to eat healthy.  Eating clean means that you avoid any processed foods.  When you shop, keep your cart to the perimeter of the store and you should be just fine.  Avoid canned goods as these are all processed.  Fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey, pork, and beef should all be your sources of food.  I’d suggest going easy on the red meat if you are trying to de-bloat, because this takes a few days to process in comparison to white meats.

Lastly, incorporate some aids in digestion into your diet.  You’ll find that adding lemon juice to your water will be an absolute game changer.  Not only does this have a number of benefits, but it’s also entirely natural and entirely affordable.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun going out and enjoying Holiday’s with family and friends, but remember that your body is a temple, and you need to take care of it.

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