Face, hands, legs, and scalp: you have skin all over your body and it is challenged in diverse ways. Some challenges are intrinsic. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis lead to irritation, flaky skin, and blotchiness. Some are created by what we eat or fail to eat. Certain skin problems are related to medications, job environment, and other factors like sun-tanning and using lotions, makeup, or shampoo that contains chemicals. Consider aspects of skin care which are within your control.

Other Skin Problems

The sun creates problems for skin which might begin with early exposure but culminate in uneven coloration later in life. Scarring from acne, surgery, or injury also show on a person’s face, hands, and other areas of the body. As collagen production slows down and leaves facial areas appearing sallow, elasticity in the skin also diminishes causing skin to sag where it was once taut. There are numerous lifestyle, topical, and medical measures one can take to improve the appearance and feel of skin that has suffered wear, tear, and exposure.

Eating for Skin Health

A number of foods moisturize skin, fight aging, tackle free radicals, and promote cellular regeneration. Antioxidants such as pomegranate, green tea, white tea, and all kinds of berries fight free radicals and their impact on the entire body at its cellular level, including skin. Avocado contains fats which the body needs and which help to moisturize skin and hair. Salmon and beans are thought to contribute to the ongoing elasticity of skin which would otherwise become saggy and appear aged as a result. Eggs moisturize skin and repair cells. If you eat nuts, your skin will appear youthful and glowing well into your golden years. As you can see, all of these are whole foods and easy to find.

Strong immunity overall comes across in healthy-looking skin. Treat your body well by eating properly and taking supplements and your immune system will stand-up to viruses and bacteria. The result will be an overall healthy appearance which includes teeth, hair, eyes, and skin. If your diet lacks the nourishment it needs and you are not consuming enough healthy fats or vitamins, add a multi-vitamin to your daily routine. Drink water, cut-down on caffeine, and quit smoking too.

OTC Topical Products

If you have been duped into buying creams, gels, and serums that did nothing to improve your skin’s health, it is possible you think all such products are scams and gimmicks. Whether they are skin moisturizers, exfoliants, acne treatments, or anti-aging creams, any price is too high to pay because none of them work in your opinion and they mostly contain water and chemicals.

Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and consumers will agree with you when it comes to many products, but there are some that are worth the price you pay because they are truly effective. These items contain active ingredients to fight the appearance of short-term and long-term damage such as dryness, scarring, wrinkles, discoloration, darkness, and puffiness.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients named most frequently among them are antioxidants and retinol. The latter is an anti-aging ingredient derived from natural sources which is composed of such small particles that skin absorbs it at the cellular level. Retinol is believed to improve collagen composition and restore a measure of youthfulness to aging skin; studies and consumers agree. Using retinol proactively can also promote healthy levels and prevent the signs of aging.

Antioxidants simply fight the bad cells that want to destroy good cells everywhere, whether around your eyes, on your hands, or across your legs. They come in the form of natural extracts including the fruits mentioned above and others.

AHAs are also mentioned by dermatological experts. These substances reduce the appearance of lines and even out the color of your skin while potentially shrinking enlarged pores.

Salicylic acid repairs damaged skin by restoring smoothness. It is coveted by individuals with acne. Vitamin C promotes a healthy luster to your skin.

Cosmetic Surgeons’ Approaches to Skin Care

If you have tried all the products which received the best reviews and feel as though you wasted several hundred dollars already, you might want to see a specialist. A dermatologist will identify and treat maladies to the best of her ability using creams and medicine, but if the damage is done, a cosmetic surgeon could help. Many of his treatments are actually non-invasive and do not require anesthetic.

One such treatment is a skin peel. This removes skin just deeply enough to extract damaged cells and encourage the growth of newer, healthier skin. Consumers can have this done at regular intervals two or three times until they see scar tissue disappear.

Laser treatment is another popular way to treat skin which has succumbed to injury or sun exposure. There are even home-treatments using handheld laser products that cost a few hundred dollars at a time but are potentially effective when used correctly.


As always, preventing damage is the best way to ensure you have healthy skin if you aren’t dealing with a condition. Cover your skin when you go out in the sun by wearing a hat and sunscreen, plus loose clothing that can breathe.

If your hands come into contact with chemicals, wear gloves. Hair dressers, mechanics, and dishwashers spend a lot of time with their hands in chemicals. It’s the nature of their jobs. Read the ingredients listed on bottles of hand lotion, skin creams, body wash, bath foam, shower gel, and shampoo. They will often contain alcohol, perfume, and other substances which irritate your skin. Buy natural products free from sodium laurel sulphate and parabens (Kathy here at the site has VERY sensitive skin and uses products by ZENMED – You can see all the ZENMED Best Sellers HERE.). Use only what you need and always wash soap off of your body and out of your hair thoroughly. You can’t see it, but chemicals in your hair leave the scalp itchy and blotchy.

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