Detoxifying your system is a rigorous process which will also help you lose weight, at least in the best-case scenario. If you get on board with an effective detox diet, you are onto a good thing, but it won’t last.

A detox diet is hard to maintain and is not designed to be a day-to-day, week-by-week plan for healthy living. Products vary in cost but certain ones aren’t pre-packaged: you just make them at home using regular ingredients.

Those are the easiest ones to follow and to afford. Prepare for fatigue, headaches, and cramps as your GI bowels get rid of everything very quickly. When friends ask why you are spending so much time in the bathroom, be honest. They will see the benefits when you’re back in your skinny jeans.

Why You Cleanse

Fat cells store toxins, so removing toxins involves removing fat at the same time. Detox diets only rid you of excess water if you don’t give them enough time to work: about 2 weeks to one month. As days go by, though, detoxification provides more lasting and health-giving results.

A “cleanse” helps rid you of bad bacteria and lingering foods you can’t digest. With the addition of probiotics, you can restore good bacteria, which is a big advantage if you want to lose weight.

Also, by following the diet closely, most participants notice a significant reduction in cravings for sugar and they aren’t hungry all the time. Participants start out feeling imbalanced by medications, illness, or poor eating habits. They wind up feeling empty but refreshed.

Best Detox Diets

The finest diets of this kind do away with refined flour, caffeine, sugar, and even some vegetables. You will find your menu is a little (or a lot) reduced in calories but not necessarily in nutritional substance. Each method takes a different approach.

Lemonade Cleanse

Take this short-term liquid program and you will lose several pounds in just a couple of weeks. Participants — including numerous celebrities — credit cayenne and constant urination with ridding them of love handles. They tackle the lemonade diet prior to starting a movie or TV shoot. Every meal is really a drink. Like all cleansing regimen, it’s not designed to last: it would not be healthy to deprive your body of solid food and calories for too long. One of the best features of this diet is that it doesn’t cost anything. You aren’t purchasing a boxed program but using ingredients carried by every supermarket. This is the sort of cleanse anyone can afford and it’s not technically difficult either.

Candida Cleanse

Bacteria known as candida cause thrush in the mouth and vagina as it feeds off of sugar. Since sugar is a primary ingredient in the modern western diet these bacteria aren’t short of food. You know there is trouble if you are itchy around the nether regions (those ones you can’t scratch in public) so consider that your cue to try the Candida Cleanse. For up to two weeks you only eat vegetables, and nothing starchy (too many carbohydrates turning into sugar). Special supplements clean out your system too. There are lots of brands and varying prices, but you will be purchasing products.

Colon Cleanse

Your colon takes a hammering if you eat poorly, have IBS, or are intolerant of unidentified foods. Give it a break with this cleansing system which incorporates teas and laxatives. The goal is to completely clean out, so this won’t be pretty or fun. The result will be a spotless GI tract but a grumpy participant. It is only two weeks out of your life. Choose laxatives wisely and consider getting some help so you don’t overtax your system or become dehydrated as a result of constantly loose stools.

Green Smoothie Detox

Pack your breakfast shake full of phytochemicals with this brightly colored detox diet. Participants will be surprised how much better they feel in spite of, apparently, ditching protein for a full plate of vegetables.

Several algae and super foods are loaded with protein such as spirulina and wheatgrass and they are definitely very green. You can also choose a “green” supplement powder from your health food store and spoon some into your drink.

Drink this smoothie three times each day in place of regular meals and experience results quickly without sacrificing nutrition. One drawback is the reliance on expensive supplements. Kale is good too and a lot cheaper than an organic, non-GMO algae powder.

Isagenix Cleanse

You have heard of the company by now, surely: one of those Multi-Level-Marketing success stories. Your friend probably paid for her gym membership by selling the stuff. Isagenix shakes taste great and the cleansing fluid is palatable.

While expensive, many people say they use this system regularly to maintain a healthy weight and they even prefer the shakes over real food. They sure are tasty. When you cleanse and aren’t eating anything solid, Isagenix supplies little wafers that taste like chocolate-flavored calcium tablets.

Liver Cleanse

Clean out the toxins that build up in your liver after too much drinking and fast food with this inexpensive method. Your blood will thank you. There’s a good way and a bad way to go about it, though.

Don’t keep doing the bad things that are killing this rather important organ while cleansing it out: give it all up first. Next, cut back on artificial, high-sodium flavoring like the stuff you sprinkle on popcorn. In fact, cut back on popcorn and switch to greens, especially greens and gaseous veggies. They contain nutrients that strip your liver of poisons. Cabbage and kale might make you gassy but they work.