Herbs to Grow at Home for Health and Beauty Benefits

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Many herbs are not only tasty when added to your favorite dish but are also beneficial to your health. Plenty of herbs are easily grown in the garden or as an indoor houseplant. These herbs provide refreshing flavors to meals and are also used to increase health and beauty as well. Learn more about these herbs to grow at home for health and beauty benefits this year.


This identifiable scent is commonly known thanks to the many different food items that include peppermint flavoring. Growing peppermint in the garden is an excellent way to make sure that you are never run out of this powerful herb. As part of the mint family, peppermint spices many culinary dishes.

Peppermint oil can also help with specific digestive issues as well as combat nausea and headaches. Ingest peppermint oil by eating the leaves whole or crushing the leaves using a mortar and pestle. Use peppermint oil in aromatherapy to help with the effects of nausea as well.


Rosemary is a perfect kitchen herbThis lovely herb is easy to grow in a kitchen garden on a windowsill or outside as a container plant. Rosemary is an herb that is often used to complement meals, but it also has impressive health benefits.

Rosmarinic Acid found in the herb has helped allergy sufferers with nasal congestion. The acid itself is thought to decrease the mucus located in the sinuses which causes less congestion due to an allergic reaction. Many allergy sufferers take the acid in capsule form but ingesting rosemary on a regular basis should also help with certain health issues.


You may only recognize this beautiful herb at Thanksgiving, but sage is great to use all throughout the year. Growing sage at home is quite easy, and you can transplant large plants outdoors to the garden as well.

The deep flavors of sage help create extraordinary meals, and you can also use them in cocktails to create an intense flavor profile. Sage helps boost brain function which can help you think clearer as well as improve memory. It also has a potential link to help Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease patients as well.


When you learn how to grow lavender you will find it does best in a sunny spot outdoors as this plant likes to spread. It also will attract local pollinators who know of its lush health benefits as well.

Known for its many health benefits, lavender is an herb used in a wide range of health and beauty issues. It is rich in linalool which helps the skin heal from wounds and acne. Lavender also soothes the skin which can help many with eczema issues as well. This powerful herb can help new skin cells grow which should prevent or cut down on wrinkles. It is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic making it a great herb to pair with the skin.

Grow lavender in a sunny spot outdoors as this plant likes to spread. It also will attract local pollinators who know of its lush health benefits as well.


This easy to grow herb is a lovely plant to add to your garden and offers many different benefits for the skin. Chamomile is popular as a tea and can help relieve issues within the body, like nerve pain, but it can also help when applied directly to the outer body as well.

chamomileChamomile contains an interesting compound that I hadn’t heard of previously: alpha-bisabolol. This is said to help reduce the appearance of those fine lines (aka “wrinkles” – let’s call it what it is!). Alpha-bisabolol is said to help speed the skin’s natural healing process. Steeping dried chamomile flower heads into lukewarm water can help the skin when applied as a face wash.

Growing edible plants at home is a great way to add life and color to your meals. Using herbs for health benefits, either by consuming them whole or extracting their oil, can increase body function as well. Applying some herbs onto the skin is another way to beautify the body. Consider all of these herbs to grow at home for health and beauty benefits this year.

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