How To Increase Collagen Naturally

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Judging by talk among beauticians and cosmetic surgeons plus advertising, it appears that collagen is an external product people pay for. But that’s not the whole story. Consumers beg experts to add more collagen to their faces from a syringe; they buy vitamins and hope to regain their youth from a bottle. These methods work, but the human body also produces collagen naturally.

Natural Sources of Collagen

In fact, scientists tell us that this protein is abundantly provided by the body for the purposes of holding things together, including skin but also bones and muscles among other things. Collagen is like human glue, something we make enough of when we are young but produce less of over time.

That is one reason for the loss of muscle and bone density as people get older and develop a hollow appearance in aging skin. This is nature, something modern men and women are constantly fighting against.

The body can be encouraged to produce more collagen by eating certain foods as well. These are foods one should eat anyway for good health. Some actively support collagen products and others simply hold off signs of aging.

Antioxidants, for example, fight free radicals to reduce illness and injury to skin. Soy, however, encourages the body to make more collagen, so select non-GMO sources of soy beans, soy milk, and tofu. White tea could also promote the creation of more collagen.

Are Creams Effective?

The cosmetic industry relies on customers’ ignorance on the subject, but collagen is not something your skin can soak up from a cream, lotion, or oil. Only supplements, injections, or external stimulation will create more of this natural protein in the human body.

Kick-start a natural response which will lead to the production of more collagen by undergoing laser treatment on affected areas. Have collagen injected into areas of skin which seem to be sinking. Take supplements which promote the production of collagen in an aging body to fend off the signs of aging.

These methods only work if you keep up with them, but laser treatment should last several weeks if not months. Medicos also recommend anti-aging activities and behaviors like drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet, getting a reasonable amount of sleep, exercising regularly, and reducing stress.

Early Aging

Each body is genetically programmed to begin the aging process at a certain time and everyone is different. Individuals can hold off the signs of aging by living healthily but there are also ways to speed the process, such as excessive sun exposure and smoking. If you consume a lot of caffeinated beverages, cut back and reduce your sugar intake as well.

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