You can throw your body around all day long doing aerobics, swimming, and running, but are these the most effective exercises for burning calories? It’s possible to workout for a short period of time and burn significantly more calories by choosing very difficult and intense routines. If you are ready to really sweat and get out of breath then here are the most effective exercises for calorie burning.


High Intensity Interval Training has helped celebrities achieve the sorts of figures they needed to bare their midriffs and fit into tight clothes for revealing roles on the big or small screen. They managed this feat in a very short space of time.

There are several types of HIIT and some very specific science behind certain varieties, but one essential premise guides them all: work out intelligently and you don’t need to set aside two hours each day. In fact, you could probably achieve a lot in just 40 minutes 5 days each week.

With HIIT, you repeat certain moves at high intensity for a short time before resting briefly then tackling a new group of muscles. Your metabolism doesn’t have a chance to keep up with what you are doing because the routines don’t build up steadily; they move in all directions throughout your body. Lift weights while doing squats then skip rope for 30 seconds. Follow this with one-legged squats and leg raises then high-knee running. Who knows what the trainer you follow is going to make you do.

Some of these programs require dumbbells. Many HIIT programs are being developed for those who can’t manage impact and to accommodate clients in their 40s who are looking for fitness without the risk of fractures. Popular fitness and weight loss programs incorporate HIIT. It takes little time and remains interesting because there are numerous exercises one can use to achieve excellent results.


If you had to select one of the following — running, hiking, walking, or swimming — select swimming. This is an all-around workout requiring coordination, solid breathing technique, and working your arm muscles which are neglected during the other three exercises.

When you have to breathe in a rhythmic way, you feed your cells the much needed oxygen which helps them to operate properly. By this I mean cells are able to repair your muscles, feed your heart, lungs, brain, and also support ongoing detoxification which helps you shed fat. Pick any swimming style you can comfortably manage and use arms and legs.

Elliptical Machine

When you go to the gym and there are just two machines available — treadmill and elliptical machine — choose the latter. Trainers and scientists have discovered that you burn more calories with this full-body movement which emulates cross-country skiing. The entire body is challenged, much as it is when you swim, because you pull and push with your arms while working your legs.

Compare calories burned on a treadmill vs. those you burn on an elliptical trainer during the same period of time. Gauge workout equality according to your pulse, heart rate, or how hard you breathe. You will see that the elliptical workout burns more calories.

Active Weight Training

Pick up your free weights and incorporate these into a low-impact workout. This could involve marching, walking, or yoga. The main thing is to build muscle while you get your heart rate up. The benefit of any muscle-bearing fitness routine is that your muscles grow and continue to burn fat when you aren’t doing anything.

A body needs to constantly feed and repair abs and quads which keeps your metabolic rate higher than otherwise. Don’t worry if the weights you use are free weights, the types you strap onto wrists and ankles, kettlebells, your own body, or bottles of water: use anything.

Also, build up your endurance. If you stick with one weight even when your fitness improves, your system will become accustomed to the work and your metabolism won’t respond as effectively. Keep it guessing and continue burning calories rapidly. As a bonus, you will be protecting joints from injury and your bones will be healthier in the long run.