Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

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Several years ago, the public was introduced to tea tree oil, extracted from a tree that grows in Australia. Manufacturers use this substance in cleaners, hair products, and face creams: it’s widely known to possess just about every dermatological benefit there is. If you know tea tree oil for just one of its many properties, it’s about time you learned how diverse this natural substance is.

Caution First

Before using tea tree oil on your skin, apply a little bit to one area: doctors recommend the point where you bend your arm. A rash will come up immediately if you are sensitive. If your skin does not react you should be able to apply tea tree oil safely to any external part of your body, but never swallow it.

Also, remember that this is oil: don’t drop it on your clothes. Like any oil, it will leave a stain. If you are using tea tree oil somewhere your clothes are going to touch, let the skin there dry first.

Skin Solution

Your skin is sensitive to UV rays, allergens, and succumbs to the signs of aging. Tea tree oil can handle it all. You don’t need to buy a formula containing this extract: just buy the pure oil and mix a tiny amount into water.

Do you have a rash caused by dust mites? Apply some oil to the area. Did a wasp sting your hand? Dab a little tea tree oil around the affected area. Some people even say that a little bit of tea tree oil on your face every day will reduce the signs of aging. This is potentially true if one sign is dryness.

Apply tea tree oil to burns, whether caused by hot oil in the kitchen or hot sun at the beach. The oil will relieve inflammation, prevent infection, and reduce some of the pain you are feeling.

Cleansing the Skin

Above I mention relief for skin irritation. Skin is also prone to infections such as acne, but there are also infections caused when wounds are not cleaned properly and germs are allowed into your blood. You can defeat these bugs with humble tea tree oil. Don’t ignore signs of infection such as fever or pus around the wound: you might need medical treatment. If a wound is itchy, however, a little bit of tea tree oil should relieve discomfort. If it’s red but you aren’t yet feverish, see what a little bit of the oil can do. You might be able to cleanse the area and prevent infection from worsening.

Combine tea tree oil with a little bit of water. Douse a cotton ball or swab in the mixture and scrub the affected area. This goes for scrapes and cuts but also for acne. In fact, a proactive approach is to wipe a cut with this mixture from the start; before applying gauze or a band-aid to protect the area from bacteria. If you are using this as a solution to acne, allow a week or two to start seeing results.

Clean the House

Lots of people buy household cleaners made with tea tree oil, but they also contain chemicals, water, and other additives. Just make your own: it’s not hard. For every cup, you will need just a drop of oil: this extract is highly effective. Spray it onto any surface safely and disinfect against mold, mildew, regular germs, and even worms if there’s a bad case going around your house. Add some baking soda if you need a little bit of grit to clean the bathtub.

Cleanse your Hair

Here’s another industry that’s made money out of tea tree oil benefits: hair care. The light aroma and powerful cleansing properties of this amazing extract automatically make a hair-care blend popular with clients. To truly clean your hair without switching shampoos, mix the oil with water once more. Rub it into your scalp and work it into your hair. Let it sit for a minute before washing out your homemade cleanser.

Aromatic Additive

Some people just like the smell of tea tree oil. They feel good when they breathe it and vaporized tea tree oil is also good for the respiratory system. Add a few drops to an aromatherapy unit, humidifier, or vaporizer. Your house will smell great and the air will be cleaner.

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