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Originally founded back in 2002, Test Country had a very specific mission in mind when they first started their website. Their ultimate goal was to create a website that made it easy to get drug testing and laboratory testing done for consumers and businesses. Another major goal was to make sure that the drug testing, health and wellness testing, background checks, and disease detection was affordable for everyone in need of these normally expensive services.

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Synthetic Testing

Whether you realize it or not, many different types of people could benefit from the testing kits available from Test Country. There are many parents concerned about their teenagers and worry if they happen to be veering down the wrong path.

Teenagers have a tendency to get into drugs and alcohol at an early age, and parents need to keep a close eye on them in order to protect them from a life filled with unnecessary difficulties.

Business owners also have a need to get low-cost drug testing and alcohol testing done for their employees. If they feel that one or more of their employees are suffering from some type of an addiction, they can test them to find out if this is true.

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Many businesses can’t employ people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There are many driving jobs like bus drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, and more that have to do everything that they can to make sure their employees are not driving under the influence. There are serious negative consequences if this is the case, so mandatory drug testing is an absolute must in many working environments such as this.

Test Country Laboratory Information

Before you even consider buying one of their test kits, please know that this company has gone above and beyond to make sure they get all of the necessary clearances and approvals from the FDA and the CLIA. In fact, there testing kits and services are FDA cleared and FDA approved. And there testing services are always done in CLIA accredited laboratories.

This website sells professional kits that are only approved for law enforcement organizations including Sheriff Departments, corrections agencies, prisons, and local police departments. They also sell kits that are used by corporate R&D departments, health care practitioners such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, drug rehabs, as well as scientific researchers.

As you can probably tell by now, Test Country is a well-respected website with some of the most important, top level clients all across the United States of America and other parts of the world. Feel safe knowing that you are getting a drug testing kit, or health and wellness kit, plus the results from an organization that truly understands this business inside and out.

Test Country Drug Testing Kits

At Test Country, they provide a wide range of laboratory testing services and home testing kits for parents, nonprofit organizations, police organizations, and regular individuals in need of this important service.

They provide a wide range of testing services that you can take advantage of in a number of different forms. Their drug testing kits are for hair, saliva, and urine. They offer these testing kits at wholesale prices as well as discounted prices. And they even offer specific resources that can help organizations put together a comprehensive drug testing schedule for their employees.

As you are about to learn, Test Country has a wide variety of kits available for many different reasons. We will share the names of the most popular kits with you below. Basically, you’ll be able to decide which kit seems like the best fit for your personal or business needs.

The Most Popular Devices and Substance Testing Kits at Test Country

Here’s a list of the most popular devices and testing kits in no particular order:

  • drug identification kits
  • synthetic drug tests
  • instant saliva testing kits
  • hair drug tests
  • urine drug tests, including integrated cups
  • steroid tests
  • nicotine/tobacco tests
  • alcohol tests

As we have alluded to a number of different times, they sell more than simple drug and substance testing kits on this website. They also have health and wellness kits, disease detection kits, and more. We will now name some of the other available kits under each of these headings.


Health and Wellness Kits

If you’re like most people, you treat your body like a temple. It truly deserves to be treated this way. If you haven’t been taking good care of yourself, there are testing kits that will allow you to discover if you are suffering from certain health and wellness conditions that might need to be corrected.

Some of the areas being tested include the following:

  • Female testing – females have the ability to check certain levels through saliva sample testing. They contest their testosterone levels, progesterone levels, and estradiol levels.
  • Male testing – men have certain fluid levels that can have a positive or negative affect on lean muscle mass, energy levels, mood, and much more than that. The male testing will check DHEA and testosterone levels to find out if they are where they should be.
  • Mineral testing – they can test for nine toxic elements as well as 11 minerals. If any of these elements and minerals is out of balance, this test will let you know.
  • Stress tests – our bodies experience stress every day. It can be measured by testing cortisol levels and DHEA levels.
  • Antioxidant testing – they can test your antioxidant levels by testing the amount of free radicals that are showing activity in your bloodstream.

Disease Detection

Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, some people just cannot afford health insurance. In situations like this, where you might think you are sick but you don’t have the right medical care, you can get tested for specific diseases. Some of the main diseases being tested at Test Country include the following:

  • cholesterol levels
  • STDs
  • HIV
  • thyroid
  • cancer
  • bacteria
  • hepatitis C
  • diabetes
  • and other diseases


If you ever have a need for drug testing, alcohol testing, health and wellness testing, disease detection or more, then you’d be in good hands having your testing handled by Test Country. You will not regret giving them a try today.

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