Best Boxing Shoes

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Whoever said you can’t find a shoe made specifically for boxing hasn’t been looking very hard. Several makes are, admittedly, meant for boxing or wrestling, but there are specific boots for each sport as well.

The top 5 list of boxing shoes listed here could be worn in the wrestling ring but the manufacturers had a jab-cross routine in mind. This list contains a range of prices from affordable varieties to some of the top-priced models.

Each item featured below was designed to grip the special surface of a boxing ring so you don’t slip around and lose your aim or become vulnerable to the opposition. They are generally made from a blend of durable materials and light, breathable ones which weigh impressively little so boxers can keep up the pace in training or on fight night. Almost all of these shoes can be found for under $100 and are good for training.

5. Ringside Power Boxing Shoe

Ringside Power Boxing Shoe

Beginners who are unsure if they are going to pursue boxing in the long term shouldn’t spend $150 or more on shoes. The Power Boxing shoe is an inexpensive option at around $80, made by a respected brand.

Believe me, that’s a low price for a reliable shoe with a mid-level height and ankle strap to protect that joint when you are twisting and pivoting at speed, possibly putting it under strain. A rubber sole meets the important criteria of gripping the canvas without sticking, instead of slipping as those punches come in.

Ringside makes a lightweight shoe, something you will appreciate as you dance around, and it’s vented too with a mix of mesh and suede providing relative durability plus a breathable design. Try red, blue, or black.

4. Title Hi-Top Boxing Boot

Title Hi-Top Boxing Boots

Here is another affordable product, potentially cheaper in fact than the Ringside Power Boxing shoe. It’s built for better support, however, being laced half-way up the calf. Getting ready takes a little longer with a taller boot and laces can be a pain, but they are more reliable than Velcro.

Besides, you can’t put a price on the well-being of much-used ankle joints and foot muscles which are better supported by a taller shoe. Title Hi-Tops are flexible but hug your feet nicely. Your feet will breathe and these are considered highly comfortable boxing shoes.

3. Adidas Box Hog 2

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Boots

Adidas turns up often in the list of available boxing boots, but these ones stick out for their attractive look and reasonable price. They sit at mid-height and are close-fitting for a comfortable but flexible fit. Traction is good and Adidas makes a reliable product. Customers can count on them as they often trust the company for their athletic wear and equipment.

2. Lonsdale Quick

LONSDALE Quick Adult Boxing Boots

The Lonsdale Quick is a low-cut boot, comfortable, popular, and extremely stylish. A mixture of suede and polyurethane, the build is durable and grip is exceptional. Boxers will fly around the ring instead of sliding.

In spite of its relatively low price, you can rely on this brand to provide high quality for more than one full season of hard work on the canvas. It’s low-cut too which a lot of boxers seem to prefer; a compromise between comfort and support. A middle cushion adds an element of support, feels good, and doesn’t slow you down.

1. Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes

Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes

The other boots listed above are all good for beginners and for training, but this Nike model is the real deal. Customers can tell by the price, if nothing else, which is the only one here to tip the scales at more than $150.

This Nike boxing shoe is made for launching yourself forward, a quality design hugging all of your muscles to prevent injury so you can go for the knock out. There is lots of mesh so your feet breathe as the competition heats up.

Honorable Mention – Asics Aggressor Wrestling Shoes

Not released primarily as boxing shoes, I have seen these on one of my favorite boxers in some of his fights, Vasyl Lomachenko.

There are quite a few different wresntling shoes made my Asics, in many different colors, and some pretty cool designs.

I personally have a pair and really like them. They have a nice thin sole where you can almost feel through it with your feet. They have a nice amount of grip, but also slide just enough when you are shuffling.

When I switched to a pair of these, I felt it gave me a little edge with my footwork.

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