Muscle Egg is a family owned enterprise that sells a very unique liquid protein drink made of egg whites, and this was original protein supplement made from egg whites.

Muscle Egg is an all egg whites drink made for both cooking and direct consumption purposes. In addition, it is also very easy to consume.  Today, we share our Muscle Egg reviews so you can decided if this is a protein supplement you want to add to your nutritional regimen.

According to the company, the main purpose of the liquid egg whites drink is to keep your protein levels in check.

Muscle Egg is produced in safe and hygienic facilities that are USDA compliant. These facilities contain state of the art equipment and therefore ensure the product is high in quality and safe to use. In addition, all of the drink’s flavors are free of salmonella, listeria and avidin.

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Muscle Egg JugsMuscle Egg Flavors

What is interesting is the fact that Muscle Egg whites are available in a range of flavors. This actually spices things up because one wouldn’t expect egg whites to come in different flavors. Nonetheless, the fact is that there are plenty of flavors you can choose your drink in.

These include:

  • Original egg whites: Contain 100% liquid egg whites, no preservatives or additives
  • Organic whites: 100% liquid egg whites free of preservatives or additives
  • Chocolate whites: Contain pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, cocoa, xanthan gum, konjac gum and sucraiose
  • Chocolate caramel whites: Comprises of pasteurized whites, natural flavors, cocoa, xanthan gum, konjac gum and sucraiose
  • Vanilla whites: Pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, konjac gum, sucraiose and xanthan gum
  • Mint brownie whites: Contains pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, cocoa, konjac gum and xanthan

Why Get Muscle Egg?

Muscle Egg is not your average protein drink. In fact, it is the only liquid Muscle egg whites drink. There are several benefits of consuming the drink.

These include:

  • The liquid whites can be added in any dish or recipe
  • It is very easy to use and does not involve any hassles of breaking eggs and separating the white from the yolk
  • Ensures to keep your protein levels intact without any hiccups or bad taste
  • Very affordable and its freshness lasts up to 2 weeks

Muscle Egg white drink can be ordered directly from the company’s website. The drink should be refrigerated below 39 degrees. It is however important to note that the company does not offer returns on the product. The only case in which it will issue a refund is if the egg whites arrive spoiled in any form.


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