The Basics of Yoga Clothing And Fabrics

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The yoga clothing you opt for says a lot about your personal style and comfort level so always choose materials and clothes that you will not only enjoy wearing but ones that will make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable. As with all yoga exercises, you need discipline while choosing the clothes you are going to wear since you will generally be wearing them on a day to day basis.

Function is far more important than appearance here and you need clothes you can move around in. At the same time however, they shouldn’t be completely hideous and unappealing. Bear in mind the type of yoga you are undertaking since each kind of yoga is different and has varying bodily requirements.

The Fitting And The Form

These two aspects make the bulk of the most important things to bear in mind when you are shopping for yoga clothing. According to this description the clothes you buy should be able to move with your body movement and still allow you to breathe and look good. They should also be of a material that you are generally comfortable with and one that you associate with peace and well being (many people think linen does that for them). Think carefully about your own needs and your body’s requirements, since what works for one person may not work for you.

Be wary of accepting advice from shop assistants as they are often told to sell specific clothes and they may mislead you just to get the sale through. Bear in mind that tops and leggings need to be approximately your size but never so skin tight that you can move.

Secondly, never buy clothes that are so baggy they cover up the charms of your curves or any weight you may have lost. Thirdly, make sure your top fits you good enough so that when you do inverted positions, there is less chance of it sliding off and exposing your stomach. Always try on sports clothes before you buy them. Lastly, make sure your gym pants expose your ankles so that movement is not curtailed.


Synthetic fabrics and cotton materials are two of the commonest and most bought type of yoga clothes. In synthetic fabrics you have nylon, spandex and lycra. These materials are all stretchy and super comfortable. On top of that they retain sweat pretty well so that the material itself never gets moist and uncomfortable.

They do however occasionally cause rashes and skin irritation if they are worn for long periods of time (such as an entire day) or if they aren’t washed properly or often enough. Cotton might be more breathable but it gets wet because of sweat which actually makes it dirty and smelly more easily.

Organic fabrics are a newer development as far as yoga clothes go and many people claim they are better for skin health and the environment generally. They are made from organic cotton which is grown without ecosystem-destroying chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides. They are also great for skin that gets irritated easily.

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