Does Niacin Show Up on a Drug Test?

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Niacin is a type of B Complex Vitamin also known as Vitamin B3. It has earned a reputation of being used to get a false negative on drug tests because it speeds up the process of toxins being flushed out of the body and it also opens up capillaries to make this process more efficient. Of course Niacin is not the most effective detoxification cure since THC (the enzyme which drug tests are looking for) is found in the body’s fat deposits and cannot be this easily removed.

Niacin and drug testing

First of all you need to be aware of how the vitamin is used to pass a drug test.

(We break that down in detail on this page.)

It is used when you have a good couple of weeks to clear out your system and it is used in combination with other methods such as exercising which are going to clear the gunk out of your blood and make your urine and blood tests appear clean. THC is tricky because of where it resides but using this vitamin to detoxify can improve your chances of passing the test.

Will It Show Up When You Are Tested

Drug tests are mainly about odd variations such as a funny color of urine or about the levels of THC. Casual users may not have to worry about it as much as heavy users since they have an amount which can be removed even with something simple as store bought detox drinks or lemon water. It is heavy users that need to resort to high dosages of Azo or Niacin in order to deep cleanse their system of any toxins that might show up in the result.

The one thing which any user has on their side is that the lab test is not looking for Niacin levels which will naturally be inflated at the time of the test. If the THC is nonexistent they will delve into the matter and will pass you.

There are a few side effects which will physically manifest themselves in the case of an ill-administered dose which are redness and swelling in the skin as well as itching and eczema. There might also be varying temperature levels in the body and a strong urge to vomit along with accompanying nausea. These symptoms might indicate you were using niacin to cleanse your blood before you even take the test.

If you can get these symptoms under control there is a strong chance your urine will be clear. Niacin is not a sure thing however which is something any drug related blog will tell you. Opting for detox products such as those made by the brand ‘Ultra Clean’ is a safer and more plausible solution. These products can easily be purchased online and they are usually pretty discreet about their shipping. Many sites ship on the same day that the item is ordered.

Fake or synthetic urine (as long as it can be maintained at the correct temperature) is also a great alternative to using Niacin and will definitely help you clear your test.

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