Synthetic urine is fake urine which is made to imitate real human urine and it is popularly used to cheat one’s way out of routine drug testing at a place of employment. Up until a few years ago this was the ultimate solution but now labs are able to pick up artificial substances so the process of using fake urine has become infinitely trickier.

What is the Top Selling Synethic Urine on the Market?

I’ve done two reviews so far.  Both are very solid.

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In A Nutshell

Fake urine can help you pass your drug test as long as you use a good brand for it. It imitates human urine exactly so it can be used to cheat through an urinalysis. Since it is THC free obviously, most lab tests are not going to pick anything up since it is also free of health problem indicators.

Synthetic urine is completely legal to sell and buy since it has a variety of uses such as those in ayurverdic medicine or to repel bugs in wild environments. Hence, it is easy to purchase online or from a nearby pharmacy without arousing any kind of suspicion.

Factors Which Determine If Fake Urine Is A Good Idea Or Not

    • Try to find out if the test is a supervised one. This means that a lab assistant actually watches you as you pee. In this case of course you cannot carry or use fake urine.
    • Even if the test is supervised, chances are that they are not going to be staring at your privates so you can attach a dispenser close to your body and then just pour the fake urine into the cup and then pull your trousers back up. The underwear is where most people choose to hide their sample.
    • Low quality brands are completely detectable by lab tests. Always use a well known and high quality brand so that lab tests do not pick up that it isn’t real urine. Sub-Solution is a powdered fake urine kit which works great and has helped thousands of people pass their drug tests. It is expensive but it will keep you from being fired.
  • If you are a heavy user and there isn’t enough time to detoxify or if you have smoked right on the day of the drug test you really do not have any other option than using synthetic urine. It is recommended that you avoid smoking so your breath or general behavior does not give you away as you are being scrutinized.

Other Options

Many people are skeptical about using fake urine and they are right to be so as it has now become a huge risk because of sophisticated lab equipment. If you have some time on your hands you can always do a proper Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox and then use your own pee for the test. Exercising and using natural substances such as orange juice and lemon water are also useful but you need time for these things to work.

One of the main reasons why synethic urine became so popular is because you need not go through a painstaking detoxification process to pass your test.


Don't Risk It, Don't use Fake Urine