Drug tests which are hair based are among the most difficult to pass since you can’t really carry out tests at home and THC is found inside the cuticle of the hair root in a part called the cortex, and tends to stay in the hair for a long time, which makes these types of tests so accurate.

Zydot Shampoo
This is a photo of the Zydot ultra clean shampoo.

Regular shampoos no matter how clarifying are simply going to have no effect. Ultra Clean is a product designed for drug users with high levels of toxins in their body and it has been known to help pass drug tests with as little as two washes prior to the test.

Testing Hair For Drug Tests

Analyzing hair to detect the presence of illegal drugs on an individual’s system has been employed in many parts of the world. In the United States, hair analysis is an accepted method in court systems and is treated as a type of forensic evidence.

In other words, results of hair testing for drugs are considered totally admissible evidence backed by both legal and scientific recognition.

Drug users are unanimous in expressing fear of hair testing because it’s been known to be really tough to circumvent. Toxins in the form of drug metabolites get deposited in the core of hair strands while being locked in and protected by the outer layer of the hair.

This takes place not just on the head hair but on body hair as well. Shampoos and ordinary cleansing agents are both unable to reach into the hair strands’ core, so they offer little to no effect.

Zydot Ultra Clean to the Rescue

This bleak scenario prompted Zydot Unlimited Inc., an Oklahoma-based company with a three-decade long campaign against drug testing, to reassert their cause by introducing a hair purifying treatment/detox product they call the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo, which they claim to be the best bet for finally beating widely dreaded hair drug tests.

Four-step Action

The Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot works in a 4-step fashion, making use of 3 different Packets that come with the kit.

First, it shampoos. In this stage, half of the contents of Packet #1 (Shampoo) is applied to thoroughly wet hair. As lather is worked up, the scalp is massaged for no less than 10 minutes, after which rinsing is done using lukewarm water. This step ensures that no buildup of dirt and grime remains and all traces of hair styling products residues are washed away.

The second step is the purifying stage where all of Packet #2 (Purifier) is massaged onto scalp and combed evenly through hair. This stage requires another 10 minutes to let the Purifier penetrate the core of the hair strands and rid the inner structure of chemicals and anything else that binds there before rinsing.

The third step is simply a repeat of the first step (shampooing) but this time using the remaining half of Packet #1.

Lastly, the fourth step — conditioning. Everything in Packet #3 is massaged onto the hair and scalp, and the rest is simply the exact same procedure performed in the second step (purifying). After rinsing, hair can then be styled as usual.

Needs More Work to Make It Work

Based on numerous online testimonies from a major shopping website, the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo worked only for a very small majority. But still, it did work.

Little wonder then that Zydot attached a Money-back Guarantee offer to the Ultra Clean to show how confident they are that their hair detox product will live up to its promise.

As for those whose efforts yielded unconvincing results, there are details they need to pay attention to. These include, first and foremost, following usage instructions accurately.

Environmental pollutants also play a role and have to be considered. It would help to have something clean to wrap your hair with after using the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo, like a fresh towel.

Things like car headrests or old pillowcases that may have attracted and trapped pollutants in the past can easily contaminate hair after treatment. Then there’s second-hand weed smoke which could be another fail trigger.

It pays to be meticulous especially in matters like wanting to beat a hair drug test, so it’s always a good thing to have all angles covered. If you pay strict attention to the procedure and to the many sidetracking possibilities around you waiting to happen, as well as exercise common sense from beginning to end, you will no doubt be on your way to making the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo work for you.

Where To Buy Ultra Clean Shampoo

This product is available at TestClear.com

When compared with premium hair detoxification shampoos such as Nexxus Aloe Rid which cost well above a $100 this is a very affordable yet effective option. The shampoo can be ordered via discreet shipping for only $35.95.

As an employee you will need to undergo drug tests repeatedly so you won’t be spending a fortune in the long run. One bottle lasts for quite a few washes anyway even when used liberally as the product requires.

Since this is a cheaper shampoo it needs to be used in conjunction with a conditioner and a deep cleaning purifying treatment which are included in the pack.

Ultra Clean Shampoo in Stores?

Sure, you can buy this in some stores, but most don’t carry it and you will always get a better price if you order direct.

Get it Here —–>  Test Clear Official Website.