Discussing CBD Oil For Horses

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Most of us know the love and joy of having a pet, and although you may think it’s more for cats and dogs, the essence a horse brings to your life is indescribable. The grace with which they walk around, just an air of class and regality, it’s like having your own piece of the crown jewels.

There are, of course, so many breeds of every animal and some are naturally more thoroughbred than the next, but the care and attention we give them are the same. They are a part of our family and we have the responsibility to look after them, in the same manner we would our children, giving our attention, affection, and last but not least, a nutritional lifestyle.

This means the best supplements, well-balanced meal plans, and to treat and prevent any illness or ailments by using the top medicinal, whether chemical or natural, products that we see fit. The great thing is though that if you’re someone like me who is all about being as organic as possible, there is a product with many success stories and no chemical components.

What am I talking about? A product that is increasing in popularity and with no harsh side-effects and additives, is becoming a sought after product ontaking care of our family and pets. For more information visit holistapet.com and see the options and varieties available to you for a step in the right direction to the quality of care you deserve for your animals.

Talking about CBD Oil

Research and studies show that CBD was first discovered in the 1940s by a professor who extracted the oil from the hemp plant and found it very beneficial in its medicinal properties. While this is true from the medical industry side of things, there have been claims that it was used even earlier than that.

A Chinese emperor in late BC was said to have infused the hemp and CBD oil in his tea to help him sleep, and then again artifacts were found of Queen Victoria who would rub the oil on her skin to manage her menstrual cramps.

The fact of the matter is that this product has been around a long time and for nature to keep producing something with that many health advantages must say something, and we should listen.

To read more about the history of CBD oil, its origins, and descriptions in various forms click here and get a better understanding of how it has evolved over the years and the positive results people have encountered by using it and implementing it into their daily lives.

CBD oil for animals

5 Advantages of using CBD Oil for animals

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs share the same metabolic pathways as the components of CBD oil, thus making it a perfect candidate to treat aching joints and pains that cause inflammation in the body.
  • This is significantly reduced when the neurons and pulses in the neuro system are regulated, fewer outbursts and shocks running through the body result in decreased epileptic fits and convulsions.
  • Studies have shown that cancer cells have high protein components and with CBD stopping the production of this protein in the cells it essentially stops the growth and development of cancer-causing tumors.
  • Well-being.Besides all the added benefits of treating and managing illness within the body, the CBD oil also promotes overall homeostasis and at the end of the day, you have a happy pet.
  • Regulating the impulses that flow through the body this maintenance results in a calmer animal and a significant decrease in anxiety.

For a deeper look into the potential of this oil, watch this quick video on the health benefits of CBD and how it can positively impact your life and that of your pet. If this is a novelty for you and you are hesitant to try something new, if after all the remedies you’ve given your animal and still the ailments persist, what have you got to lose?

Methods of CBD extraction

We might wish it was as easy as simply squashing the flowers into a press and this magic liquid comes out, but alas this is not the case, let’s take a brief look at the various methods available.

Solvent extraction is a process by using a harsh chemical such as propane, this is the least popular method as the chemical is dangerous and traces are often left in the oil causing harm to the end-user.

Olive oil is essentially heating the plants in oil and allowing them to infuse, these are then strained and you’re left with a CBD infused product, and one last option is freezing the hemp flowers and shaking off the small glands that contain the CBD, each has their pros and cons. Just ensure you are being safe and purchasing ethically sourced and produced products.

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