Tips on How to Ease the Pain of Lumbar Disc

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A lumbar disc can cause excruciating pain. People describe it as a burning, sharp, or radiating pain from the lower back. Pain relief may be different for every patient. It will take trial and error to see the benefit. As such, here are some of the effective tips to help relieve pain and make you feel better once again.

Try Heat and Cold Therapy 

Applying heat and/ or cold therapy can relieve muscle pain and tension. Heat can help loosen the tightness in the muscles that causes spasms. It can help increase the blood flow and improve the elasticity of the tissues. Meanwhile, cold can decrease the local tissue temperature. Thus, this can help produce an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and help reduce pain.

To do this, apply heat to your back each morning. You can also do this before stretching or exercising to decrease muscle tension. Then, apply a heating pad or hot compress on your lower back throughout the day. You can use a physical buffer to avoid thermal injury. Other means can include a warm bath, adhesive heat wrap, or a hot shower.

The same technique can also be used with a cold pack. Do this after exercising or stretching for pain relief. Make sure that you try several options and check what works best for you. The type of heat plus how often you use it depends on your personal preference.

Physical Therapy 

You can ask about the appropriate pain reduction method with your Physical Therapist. They know of effective methods to shift away from the pain from your lower body. After your problem has been resolved, the approach would usually shift to a long-term rehabilitation plan gradually. This will help strengthen your back and core and prevent bulging disc symptoms. This approach will help keep pain and prevent further recurrence.

Careful Movements 

It is very important to minimize pressure on your back. For instance, avoid wearing high heels for women. Also, you might avoid sleeping on your stomach or standing or sitting for long hours in the office or home. When you are lifting heavy objects, make sure that you keep your back straight. You can also shift the weight as you lift heavy objects on your knees and hips. Do not try repetitive reaching or bending. Focus on maintaining a good posture as you sit or stand.

Have Enough Sleep

It should be your top priority to have a good night’s sleep. It is ideal to sleep for around seven to nine hours. This is important to control stress hormones like cortisol. Thus, this can support healthy body weight and be able to reduce injuries. Apart from sleeping, resting is also important. This is crucial especially if you are an athlete.

Mindful Meditation 

Mindful meditation can relive your pain to prevent bulging disc symptoms through focused breathing. For some people, it helps reduce their dependence on medication over time.

There are many approaches to meditation that can deliver beneficial effects. You can ask the experts, try some, and discover what works best for you.

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