Top 4 Dental Conditions That Qualify for Dental Implants

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Having well-arranged teeth not only increases your confidence when relating to others but also makes your smile beautiful. So, what happens to those spaces in your mouth upon losing one or more teeth? How will you take care of that jawbone deterioration? Well, a dental implant is a long-lasting solution for removal dentures. They are also durable and don’t carry any risk of dislodging your teeth. Besides, it’s easy to maintain them as compared to dentures. Here are some of the teeth conditions that need dental implants.

  1. Lost tooth

Most people think their teeth are only beneficial when it comes to eating, but they don’t know it also helps in speech formation. Lack of teeth interferes with your speech, which can be devastating and even affect your quality of life. You’d rather miss tooth in your inner mouthparts than to the frontal portion, which can affect your appearance and confidence. In such a case, you will need a tooth implant. So, how does a dental implant work? Dental implants protect your jawbone by ensuring it doesn’t deteriorate or develop cavities.

  1. Cracks or dents in your teeth

Activities like sports and exercises can cause injuries like cracked or broken teeth. This happens mostly due to head-on collision. A broken or cracked tooth can be repaired through a filling or restorative procedure. But what happens if your structure tooth loses its grip? Your dentist will remove the damaged tooth from your gum, and arrange for a dental implant. However, this will depend on the severity of your condition.

  1. Loosely attached teeth or huge gaps within your teeth

A loose tooth tends to shift its position, thus creating a gap within your teeth. When your jawbones are weak, your teeth will become loose and eventually fall off the gum. This unpleasant experience requires periodontal treatment to avoid losing more teeth.

  1. Cavities

Bacteria and food are the main culprits that cause tooth decay, even though there are many factors like poor oral hygiene that can cause it. You must floss and brush regularly to avoid food sticking in between your teeth to prevent the formation of plague around them. Also, make appointments with your dentist after at least every six months to ensure the cavities don’t escalate to irreversible stages. The bacterial plague generates acids when it comes into contact with sugary foods, thus interfering with your dental structure. You will require dental treatment in such a case.

The conditions mentioned above require a dental implant to restore your oral health and confidence. And how does a tooth implant work? Dental implants resemble natural teeth as compared to dentures. It serves as an artificial replacement to where you lost your teeth. They are usually attached to the jaw bone and gum tissue. By taking good care of your oral health, including visiting a dentist every six months, you will defeat most of the above conditions that can be costly to repair.

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