Wim Hof Method

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In science, as they say on the website for Wim Hof’s unusual medical breakthrough, one cannot prove a point scientifically by citing a single occurrence. Such a case would be an anomaly. Find more examples which mimic this one and you have something worth studying.

Wim Hof stood out for his body’s ability to handle the cold, but science was dubious as to what this would prove to them until a larger study came to life. One can, in fact, train the body to stop attacking itself with the Wim Hof Method.

Who Is Wim Hof?

He won notoriety via icy feats like running great distances in icy temperatures and sitting or swimming in ice. His body baffled scientists and these stunts thrilled viewers. Hof wanted these abilities to result in medical revelations however, not just entertainment.


A 2011 Study

Researchers followed Wim Hof’s body closely as it responded to the flu. They saw his body respond with far fewer “inflammatory proteins” than those of individuals who did not have the advantage of his method. Hof was able to reduce his body’s response to sickness, so the scientific community’s interest was aroused.

These experiments with his body prior to medical and scientific intervention led to some dangers and he could have died, but Hof lived to report his experiences and to offer up his body as a “lab” or sorts.

2013 Enlarged Study

They began studies in 2013 using more men who volunteered to endure cold, snow, and ice the way Wim Hof had done throughout his life by training himself to breathe in special ways and change his body’s levels of oxygen and CO2.

Many of the men who took part climbed one of the world’s highest mountains in record time, yet they were dealing with diseases or chronic, inflammatory medical conditions at the time such as MS and forms of cancer.

This was remarkable and the scientific community became even more curious. Something was going on with the autonomic nervous system.


What did Wim Hof have to say? He stated that one can meditate his way to better health. Scientists argued that he was saying one could will the immune system to behave differently and this was impossible.

Wim Hof trained a new group and determined that one can, in fact, do just that. His next crew quickly got used to being cold without starting out as Wim had — loving and coping naturally with extreme conditions.

Results following their training, monitored in a hospital setting, showed higher levels of adrenaline in the blood responding to endotoxin which should lead to inflammation. Adrenaline inhibits inflammation. What is science to do with these results and what good can it do for the public at large?

When You’ve Tried Everything Else

For sufferers of some cancers, MS, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis, the future looks grim. They are in constant pain. The Wim Hof method could supply an alternative to hopeless days of pain control.

There are three steps starting with Cold Therapy involving exposure to the elements, but done in a certain way. You will actually lose fat along the way too but what you are looking for is an immune response.

One side benefit is that you will feel happier. Part two is Breathing; learning to set a rhythm which promotes whole-body oxygenation at a higher, therapeutic level. Finally, one has to Commit to the method. One can’t expect an overnight response.

Joining the Community

Nor is this a free product available to all. One can extract information from details presented in the website or by conducting personal research, but will this bring you to a full understanding of the method?

Order the tools online which include workshops and e-learning opportunities. Join an expedition. If you are plagued by symptoms of poor health, you might not have anything to lose.

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