9 Delicious Snacks Full of Protein

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Even if you’re not an expert on nutrition and dieting, you can probably easily name some foods that are full of protein off the top of your head.

Meats are packed with protein. You’ll find plenty of protein in chicken, beef, turkey, and just about anything else. The classic weightlifter meal is always chicken, rice, and veggies.

You might also know that plenty of vegetables come packed with protein. Leafy greens and others offer an extra bit of protein that’s necessary for your daily intake.

What might be hard to find are delicious snacks that help you ingest your necessary protein. You can’t exactly carry about a chicken leg in your back pocket to pull out when you’re feeling hungry. Well, you could but you’d definitely get plenty of weird looks.

That’s why it’s important to have some handy snacks lying around that are pumped with protein. Below, we’re going to run over a few that are easy to make and carry around.

Trail Mix

If you’ve ever been in a gas station, you’ve seen the 900 types of trail mix lying around. While the ones packed with chocolates are delicious, opt for the ones that stick to dried fruit and nuts.

Pistachios are something you might occasionally find in trail mix, and they’re your best bet for protein. Don’t stuff your face with trail mix though, as the snack is often quite high in calories.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

You could just go all Rocky on everyone and scarf down an egg drink (smoothie?) to start your day. If not, hard-boiled eggs are just as useful and much less disgusting.

They’re easy to carry around and can be easily seasoned with a pinch of salt or pepper. The average egg contains roughly six grams of protein.

Peanut Butter on X

Peanut butter is a delicious spread that contains roughly five grams of protein per tablespoon. This means that you can get creative with what you put it on.

Slather it on some celery sticks, apple slices, or even just a slice of whole-grain toast. They’ll also help keep you full, making sure you don’t overeat. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, you can always substitute almond butter instead.

Pumpkin Seeds

An ounce of pumpkin seeds contains about 5-6 grams of protein. They’ll help keep you full and are incredibly easy to carry around with you.

Pumpkin seeds are also packed with plenty of other nutrients to help keep you healthy throughout the day. Some studies have even shown they can prevent cancer.

Protein Shakes

How can we get this far without mentioning the big liquid king? Protein shakes take just minutes to make and can serve as a meal substitute or snack, depending on the composition.

There are roughly 90 billion different protein shake recipes, so make sure and scour the internet until you find your favorite.


Yes, the classic movie treat is a protein-packed snack. But, you should avoid movie popcorn in order to stay healthy.

The healthiest version is air-popped popcorn, which doesn’t have the high sodium level you’d find in microwaveable popcorn. You should add some cheese or dark chocolate on there for a bit of extra protein.


Despite taking a whole day to make, this delicious dish can be made into little bite size pieces to carry with you throughout the day.

Falafel’s main ingredient, chickpeas, are packed with protein and can be combined with just about anything. Don’t let the preparation scare you away, falafel is quite easy to make.

Protein Bars

We should also make mention of protein bars, which can be found in just about every supermarket in the country. The biggest problem with store-bought bars is that they often have a high sugar count.

Make sure you’re reading the label to see the sugar levels. Larabars are some of the best bars out there that are full of protein but don’t have as much sugar.

Turkey Wraps

Despite not being the quickest snack, turkey wraps and easy to make and delicious. Instead of wrapping the turkey, use the turkey to wrap something else like apples.

If you’re not an apple fan, choose any other number of fruits or veggies such as carrots, mangoes, peppers, and more.

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