4 Simple Ways to Minimize Symptoms of Menopause

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For most women, menopause starts in the late forties or the early fifties. It tends to last for quite some years. During this period, one may undergo menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, tiredness, and irritability. Are you seeking remedies to relieve these symptoms? Below you’ll find ways to minimize menopause symptoms;

  1. Eat meals rich in vitamin D and calcium

During menopause, one undergoes hormonal changes. As a result, the bones tend to weaken, thus increasing the risk of attaining osteoporosis.

When one has adequate vitamin D intake, they are at less risk of incurring any hip fracture.

You need to consume meals that are rich in vitamin D as well as calcium. It’s because they have essential nutrients that work wonders for bone health.

Some of the meals rich in calcium include dairy products, leafy vegetables, tofu, sardines, beans, among others.

The sunlight is a remarkable source of vit D. However, as one becomes older, the skins become less efficient in making vitamin D. Therefore, you ought to take vitamin D supplements. Other diets rich in vitamin D include eggs, cod liver oil, and fish, among others.

  1. Replacement therapy

As one attains menopause, the estrogen levels begin to decrease significantly. It causes one to become fatigued. It also lowers sex drive and causes an alteration in metabolism.

One can get in contact with registered doctors to get various medications, including Elleste solo prescription. It’s an effective medication that’s used to treat menopause effects. It enhances lean body mass, increases one’s energy as well as improve general body health.

  1. Avoid trigger foods

Various foods tend to trigger night sweats, mood swings as well as hot flashes. You need to steer away from common triggers such as alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine.

You ought to minimize the intake of refined sugar as well as processed foods. These trigger foods can cause a sharp rise or dip in blood sugar levels. As a result, it can make you more irritable or tired.

Processed foods tend to affect bone health, as well.

You need to keep a diary where you can note if a specific meal triggers menopause symptoms. Thus, you know what to cut off.

  1. Eat protein-rich meals

You need to adopt eating protein regularly. Meals that are rich in protein include the legumes, dairy products, eggs, fish as well as meat. It assists in preventing lean muscle loss, which occurs with the advancement in age.

High-protein meals assist one to combat weight loss. It makes one full while increasing the calories that get burnt.


Menopause is an integral part of a human being’s life. Thus, it shouldn’t get considered as an ailment. Its symptoms are challenging to live with each day. Don’t worry! You can start eating right and exercising to help reduce or prevent their occurrence. During menopause, you can consult a doctor concerning various hormone replacement therapies, including Elleste solo. The doctors will aid you in knowing how to manage menopause as you try different methods to alleviate pregnancy symptoms.

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