Understanding BCAAs And Why You May Need Them

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs are basically minerals that are required by the body for proper development. They are especially important for people who are engaged in active lifestyle. Some of these individuals may include runners, bodybuilders and martial artists. Taking a closer look at what these substances can do for you can be key to appreciating why you may need them.

Boost muscle growth

The rate at which your muscles grow can determine the progress you make when working out or engaging in sporting activity. While natural foods are able to supply a decent amount of nutrients the truth is that you may never be able to reach your full potential until your incorporate the use of BCAAs. Human muscles naturally waste away due to frequent use meaning that an individual that is active is likely to experience an accelerated rate at which muscles waste away. However, BCAAs contain properties that facilitate the speed at which your body replenishes muscles. This effectively ensures that you can stay in peak performance for a longer time.

Facilitate fat loss

With a lot of people having to put up with weight gain due to junk food it may be difficult to achieve fitness goals. However, individuals that incorporate the use of these supplements have an easier time shedding off the extra fat that may be hindering progress. The best part about these supplements is that they are designed to accelerate loss of extra fats meaning they do not pose any threat to health.

Boost in energy

A person that runs out of energy quickly may not be able to perform well during high impact events which is why it may be wise to consider these supplements. The products are designed with ingredients that help convert fats into usable energy. At the end of the day you will realize that you are able to engage in more workout or put up a spirited fight during a competition without feeling fatigued easily.

Sustain Hydration

The human body needs to stay hydrated to function optimally. But anyone that engages in constant activity is likely to experience dehydration due to sweating and faster processing of the liquid reserves in the body. Most BCAAs incorporate ingredients that safely slow down the processes through which the body loses fluids.

Pain management and endurance

An individual may experience painful sensations due to muscle strain or wasting away and that can paralyze their ability to perform well. Individuals that use these supplements never have to worry about such experiences because the body will have the right nutrients to sustain constant use of the muscles and tissues.

Strengthen immune system

Because of the various positive effects that these supplements have on the body, users are likely to experience reduced risks of infections and health complications that are often related to working out.

Some of the Best BCAAs for women

As a woman, I decided to look at some of the formulations that were specifically mentioning women – just in case some of the ingredients were geared more towards the guys. In my case, I was looking for a supplement that would be a bit more geared to my own desire to lost weight and gain more muscle. Here are a few that I’ve located – and I’m sure I’m missing some. But this is a starting point. (Update! With a little bit of help from others, I came up with this “Top 10 BCAAs for Women” list!)

IdealLean BCAAs – With ingredients like green tea extracts and Tonalin CLA this products are sure to facilitate faster loss of fats in your body. IdealLean contains a blend of BCAAs that are meant at managing muscle soreness and improving the rate at which your tissues and muscles replenish. Coconut powder, L-Glutamine and L-Citrulline make it possible for your body to remain hydrated and recover much faster.

With some sweeteners added to this blend you can enjoy the delicious taste of this supplement while giving your body the much needed boost when it comes to all round development.

It is worth pointing out that this supplement does not contain any sugars or calories that may end up leading to health complications. There are no reports of negative side effects caused by these supplements. The supplements can be taken before, during and after workouts. Individuals can also take the supplements during rest days. (Note, as an update, I personally use IdealLean BCAAs.)

Xtend BCAAs – This is another line of supplements that can offer multiple benefits to users. The most prominent effect of these supplements is that they speed up the rate at which an individual recovers after a serious workout. You are likely to experience reduced fatigue or painful sensations that are often associated with wasting away and straining of muscles. Another benefit of this blend is that it boosts your energy reserves making it possible for you to work out for a longer period of time. Individuals that have used these supplements consistently have noted an increase in muscle buildup. This blend can be used during and after workouts.

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine – These are supplements that have been produced by Transparent Labs which is a major player in the world of safe supplement production. Their name itself hints at the high quality. One look at these BCAAs and you’ll definitely feel good about putting them in your body. With zero artificial colors or artificial sweeteners, this is one of the ones right at the top of my list.

In fact, I have to say that I’m going to be trying these, because this is the best and easiest ingredient panel I’ve read in a long time.

The supplement is designed to improve protein synthesis which effectively ensures that the body is producing stronger and leaner muscles. It boosts the energy levels in the body making it easy for athletes or active individuals to endure strenuous activities.

Staunch BCAA – This is a unique supplement because it emphasizes the use of natural ingredients or those that are considered vegan-friendly. It contains coconut water powder, Sustamine and assorted BCAAs that ensure the user can build stronger muscles. This takes place due to stimulation of protein synthesis in the body.

Tips for choosing the best supplements

When thinking of getting the best supplements one of the most important things for you to look into is the ingredients. That’s one of most important things for me, anyway. All the things that have been used to manufacture any product should have gone through clinical or scientific research to ensure they are safe for human health. Buying products that have been manufactured by a trustworthy brand can be key to avoiding low grade products that may lead to complications.

And remember, when it comes to fueling your workout and recovery, this is not the time to try to save a few pennies by buying the cheapest stuff you might see at your local big-box food market. Take your time to choose carefully, because BCAAs should be an important part of your workout.

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