Tips and tools for health gaming

The video game industry has grown so much in the past two decades that there is at least one home that has some sort of video game console in it. The industry is actively making hundreds of video games every month with more and more people becoming gamers. The industry is now on par with the film and music industry of the world.

But some of the developers are using video games to fight back serious health issues like reading disorders, mental health, type 1 diabetes and more. With the rise of virtual reality and smartphone video games, developers have now the right creative tools to create health games that help people with health issues.

You can find tons of video games on your favorite smartphone app store that target people with health care issues. For example, Maze Master is a game that is considered an icon in health gaming. It was developed for treating reading disorders in children. The game is designed in such a way that it improves the oculomotor control in the children who have reading disabilities. It allows health care experts to diagnose the problem better and even find out solutions.

Similarly, Akili labs have created a video game that is intended to be used by mental healthcare. The game neuroracer is one such health game that helps patients who have mental disorders. There are many other video games available like these.

With virtual reality now an important part of the video gaming industry, several big name developers are already working with doctors to improve health gaming. They have already started implementing video games as part of physical therapy. Since virtual reality allows the user to move around in the room while controlling their avatar on screen, health gaming has become an important part of physical therapies in hospitals.

There are already many fitness based video games which are also considered as health gaming. These apps allow users to compete against others in video games which demand that the user plays the game with physical activity. This improves their health a lot.

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