The Everest Foundation And Danny Trejo Partner To Help LA Veterans

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It has already been some time that the Everest Foundation, headed by Dr. Michael Everest and Agata Everest, has teamed up with actor Danny Trejo in a bid to serve various underserved communities across LA, especially in these difficult times of the pandemic.

This praiseworthy joint venture of Trejo and Dr. Everest started a few months back when they arranged, in association with Kedren Community Health Center, an outreach program to help the inner-city poor—parts of the LA population who was perhaps financially hit hardest during the total lockdown phase of the pandemic.

Since then, Danny Trejo and Everest Foundation have organized a number of these outreach programs to help and reach out to the less fortunate of the city’s population. The programs have already received the moniker of ‘Bible and Tacos’ program, as the organizers distribute nutritious food packs (prepared at Danny’s famous LA eatery Trejos Tacos) along with the Holy Book. The program was conceived thus since Trejo and Dr. Everest believed that, apart from providing for their physical needs, the Bibles will help keep the people’s spirits up during these trying times.

Aid to Veterans

The most recent of these outreach programs were organized on Sep. 24 and the program was aimed at caring and providing for the homeless US veterans living in temporary tents on West LA VA Campus. Trejo and Everest Foundation had partnered on this occasion with the Westside Veteran Administration.

Westside VA

This facility is a standout one when it comes to caring for all veterans, homeless and otherwise, in LA County. The facility is adequately equipped to provide a complete range of health care to veterans through (inpatient and outpatient) medical, mental health and surgical procedures, therapy services and physical medicine, departments of dentistry, geriatric, oncology as well as a hospice. With over 4,500 committed staff providing round the daycare for all their patients, the Westside Veteran Administration is contributing a great deal (through research, clinical education, and emergency services) to alleviate the difficulties of the veterans.

During the program, both Michael Everest and Danny Trejo were exuberant in their praises of the Westside VA facility and expressed their gratitude to the center director for helping make this event a reality.

During the program, Trejo was interviewed by ABC News correspondents and the famed actor’s response was that they are doing only what they are “supposed to do.” Speaking of veterans, the actor commented that these veterans had sacrificed their own interests for the nation’s good. Many of them lost their lives, others lost their arms and legs showing that they’ve given a lot to the nation. So, it is only natural that society should reach out to them in their hour of need.

Many of the veterans benefiting from this venture blessed both Trejo and Dr. Everest and expressed their sincerest gratitude to all parties involved in arranging this event.

As for Dr. Everest, he for the most part chose to stay out of the spotlight. All the same, during the event, it came to light that the Everest Foundation has already made commitments to expand medical residency programs and training at the Westside VA facility and has contributed significant sums of money towards that goal. In this connection, we may also mention the remarkable ‘Exoskeleton Program’, a brainchild of Dr. Everest, that has been introduced at the New York Bronx VA. The program aims to treat spinal cord injuries suffered by US Veterans so that these unfortunate individuals will be able to ‘walk again.’ Dr. Everest also has plans to spread this program across many top Veteran Administration institutes and hospitals all across the US.

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