Supermodel Who Enjoys Fighting Workouts & Won Her First Pro Muay Thai Fight!

More and more you see fighting as one of the ways celebrities stay fit. There are a lot of associations with celebrities and fighting, as you always see them in attendance at UFC fights and boxing matches.

Here is a very cool story that I read about on MMAfighting: a Swimsuit Illustrated model who not only enjoys fighting workouts, but whom just had her first professional Muay Thai fight, and won. That is pretty badass, if you ask me.

Meet Mia Kang. Here is an image from her Instagram in her recent fight:

This is so inspiring, and awesome at the same time. Mia spoke with Ariel Helwani in an interview for MMA Hour and spoke about struggles with ‘every type of food disorder’, and also being considered ‘just a model’, always judged by her looks etc., and from some of that sprung a desire to learn fighting, and she came to find out she really loved it, and even had a 6 pack at one time.

Of course, this wasn’t an overnight thing. She had been doing the fighting workouts for a few years, and then decided she wants to actually have a real fight, and then from then on, trained for about a year.

Another celebrity Idris Elba (known for his role in The Wire and other TV shows and movies), also had a professional kickboxing fight a few months ago, which he also won.

According to the interview, she may even get into MMA, and she is still carrying on her career modeling in between training for her next bout, how badass is that? Props to Mia Kang!

Here is the full interview:

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