Seven Effective Strategies StaffScapes, Denver PEO, Shares for Retaining Quality Medical Staff

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What is a critical key to establishing a productive, profitable, and growing medical business? Hiring quality medical staff and gaining their loyalty to the organization.

For many organizations, the hiring process is brutal when there are factors such as the lack of a Human Resources Department. After finding the candidate who seems like the right fit, it is essential to provide them with the proper tools, fair treatment, and growth opportunities that they deserve.

StaffScapes, a company that specializes in HR outsourcing in Denver, Colorado, teams up with companies to handle all HR needs. Here are seven effective strategies StaffScapes shares with all organizations they help:

  1. Fair and Competitive Compensation

It is common sense for employees to not stick around with a company that does not give them the payment or benefits that they deserve. Stay in competition with or the same level as other companies within your field in order not to lose quality employees for monetary reasons.

  1. Onboarding

Start day one of employment with onboarding. Onboarding is a strategy that prevents an employee from feeling thrown into the fire of unknown company practices, policies, and processes. New hires receive a mentor or point of contact from the moment they arrive at the organization to help ease them into the company culture.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Employees who sense little to no growth opportunities within the business see his or her future with the company in dimmer light. Schedule regular meetings with employees to continually find ways to provide all your employees with ladders of career advancement. Skill development classes or internal hiring positions are two great places to start.

  1. Lower Employee Pain

Be a leader rather than a boss, and make sacrifices for your team members. When work/life balance seems off, encourage alternative solutions to eliminate employee burnout, such as a closing hour in the office that forces people to take time off the clock every day.

  1. Focus on First Level Supervisor Management

Steve Miranda, who is an HR expert, says, “Employees don’t quit jobs. They quit managers.” If an employee feels as if they undergo micromanaging continuously, they will not see an independent growth opportunity within their day-to-day job duties. Managers who helicopter their employees display a lack of trust, which is never a good start to any manager-employee relationship. A significant part of being a good leader in the workplace starts with trusting the team you are guiding with the specific tasks they are responsible for executing.

  1. Empowering Work Environment

Instilling positivity, inspiration, empowerment, and confidence in the workplace can result in higher productivity levels and happier employees. Team development skills will improve, as well.

  1. Create a Reputable Brand

There are companies all over the world that individuals would love to work for simply because they would be proud to be associated with the specific brand name. Create a brand that is seen by consumers and employees as a solution rather than a problem.

About StaffScapes:

StaffScapes is a professional employment organization (PEO) serving small to mid-sized companies in the Denver area and across Colorado since 1996. A PEO company cost-effectively takes on the responsibilities of an organization’s HR policies and alleviates administrative burdens for businesses. Together, we can create a better HR environment, avoid pitfalls, and let you focus on what you do best.

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