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It seems no one gets a good night’s rest anymore. There is an array of documented studies showing that Americans work too much, are over-stressed, and are not getting nearly the rest they need.

Sleep disorders affect a shockingly high number of women, and men tend to dismiss sleep and suffer higher stress levels because of it.

Sleep deprivation can cause a myriad of health problems if untreated including weight gain, diabetes, substance abuse, and mental health problems such as depression.

Unfortunately, as many of us know, we can’t force ourselves to sleep. But, there is the help to maintain a healthy stress level which, unchecked, can lead to persistently interrupted sleep patterns.

Plexus MegaX offers Omega 3, among many other benefits, which is an excellent supplement for those with chronic sleeplessness.

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Heart Rate

Having increased blood pressure is risky business and those who are not resting adequately show higher levels due to related stress. This is harder on the cardiovascular system overall, and the benefits of Plexus MegaX goes beyond the stress with support for a healthy heart, normal cholesterol levels, lower triglyceride levels, and also supports healthy lipid levels.

These particular levels are precisely what cardiologists look at when assessing the condition of the heart. Cholesterol levels are a quick marker for heart disease in adults, and if too high, can signal something is wrong. All these areas combine to address an overall healthy system to support normal range cardiac health.

Brain Function

Lack of rest and sleep can also interfere with basic cognitive functions as well as physical and emotional constructs. Memory lapses, impaired judgment, and even symptoms of ADHD can appear as a result of lack of sleep.

Overtired people easily forget small details, make quicker decisions to reduce stress, and may have problems staying on one task too long. Once again, Plexus MegaX with its Omega-3 supplements offers a stronger support for brain function, even showing much better results than that of flaxseed oil alone.

Because MegaX uses AHIFLOWER® Oil which is absorbed into the body and converts into EPA at four times the rate of fish oil or flaxseed, the benefits are greatly increased.

Strong Muscles

Those who are overtired may sometimes “feel” tired because their body seems to react slower, their muscles may ache, display a kind spasm or involuntary movement, and seem to interrupt normal movement due to an overall decreased efficiency.

All of these symptoms are definitely associated with the lack of rest our muscles need to work the way they are intended.

Plexus MegaX, due to the Omega3 supplement, offers the entire body the nourishment it needs for a healthy immune and nervous systems, hormone replacement, and inflammation reduction, all of which aid in normal muscle functions we need every day.

Better Sleep, Better Body

It is well known that Omega3 works for those who need assistance with weight control as it can supplement the body’s ability to burn stored fat due to the streamlined overall body functions which can be improved.

Plexus MegaX offers the best-proven method of getting into the system more efficiently than some Omega3 supplements taken alone. The best feeling body, as we all can agree, is a well rested, happy body.

Because Plexus MegaX contributes to lower stress and an increased ability for rest, the wide-ranging benefits are then put to good use by providing an overall support system for the heart, brain function, and muscles.

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