Do Fidget Toys Actually Help With ADHD?

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Fidget toys are not simply playthings. Many teachers and parents feel the toys are helpful to children who have ADHD.

What Are Fidget Toys?

A fidget toy is a small colorful object that a child can spin or move around in his hands such as the one you see above. They are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. The Triune Spinner by Pocket Fidget that you see above is one popular example (see it HERE at Amazon).

The purpose of the toy is to help a child focus and concentrate. As children with ADHD are prone to fidgeting in their chairs, leaving their desks, and moving around, the toy can reduce these disruptive behaviors. When a child has this object in his hands, it can be easier for him to sit still, listen to his teacher, and learn.

Fidget toys can also be useful when a child needs to relieve stress or anxiety. When the child feels stressed or worried, the toy can be comforting and help him relax.

The fidget toy can relieve boredom, too. Whether he finishes an assignment or is waiting for the teacher to arrive, a child can be less likely to engage in disruptive behavior.

Students who are prone to excessive movement can benefit from the toys. It can also help kids with ADHD manage their nervous energy.

Another benefit of the toy is increasing a child’s self-esteem. For youngsters with ADHD, their behaviors can make them the target of cruelty from other children, and they feel different from their peers. When he has this simple device, it is easier for him to fit in in the classroom, and he can feel good about himself.

Fidget Toys: Not Only For Children

As the toys have become popular with schoolchildren, adults have started using them, too. Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder often have trouble concentrating, coping with boredom, and staying on-task. From meetings to long work days, fidget toys have found their place in the lives of many adults. The Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube you see at the left is also very popular, and is also available at Amazon here.

Actually, I have personally found myself using a similar thing when I’m pondering my work, or thinking about a solution to something. It’s not unlike seeing someone twirl a pencil when contemplating their next action – something I have done for years.

Not All Schools Approve Of Fidget Toys

Some teachers and school staff members feel fidget toys create too many distractions. There are some schools that have already banned the spinning toys from their classrooms. Teachers claim students who own fidget toys misuse them, and even distract other students.

Does Your Child Need A Fidget Toy?

If you believe your youngster can benefit from one of these toys, find out what his school’s policy is on using the toys in the classroom. You can discuss your concerns with his teacher, and let the teacher know why you believe the toy is important and useful.

If you buy one for your child, instruct him on how to use it properly. It is not a plaything to annoy other students or bring attention to himself. It has a legitimate purpose, and can be very helpful when it is used correctly.

If you decide a fidget toy is right for your child, consider allowing him to choose his own. He may have a personal preference in styles or colors. He will appreciate it more when he can select it himself. For example, this company has over 50 to choose from on just one page, so there is no shortage of options.

Fidget toys are not simply fads. There are many mental health specialists who consider it the ideal approach to ADHD. Fidget toys can help children so they can gain the most from their educations and enjoy school. It can be your child’s opportunity to make classroom learning an effective experience.

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