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A long time ago, three overweight baker brothers hired a trainer and nutritionist to help them overcome their weight problem without requiring banning them from bagels. There had to be an answer which combined their love of food with their need to be healthier.

P28 Foods was the result of their passion. Working out and eating right had to go hand-in-hand, which is when the change occurred: the trio discovered the key to unlocking healthier bodies and starting a new type of food business without giving up bread.

P28 High Protein BreadNew Bread

Instead of abandoning their love of baked goodness, the brothers decided to find a way to make bread good for you. They developed a product which tasted great but also satisfied their nutritional needs and those of their customers: P28 bread containing a lot of protein; 28g, in fact.

Today, P28 Foods makes several varieties of “bread” products plus spreads for breads, wraps, pancakes, and bagels. They are sold in ten nations and thousands of stores. Meanwhile, the trio continues to research the health food industry and find new ways to bring protein to a bread-loving public.

What Sort of Protein?

Where does the protein come from? It’s not like you make bread from steak. P28 Foods contain whey isolate, one of the best sources of protein available. It is easy to digest and gets right to work helping the body to build muscle and make repairs to hurting or inflamed muscle after a workout.

You need a lot of protein to build a body, especially if you want to lift weights for fun or to compete. With P28 foods made from natural ingredients, you get 28g per serving.

Start with a Trial Pack

If you’re not sure this line of foods is for you or it seems too good to be true, a trial pack could be the best place to start. The pack contains one piece of bread, a bagel, a wrap, and 5 jars of spread (one each of certain varieties which we will talk about in a minute.) The pack, costing $17.99, also contains a coupon.

P28 Bread

Most loaves of bread on supermarket shelves cost from $3 to $5 but a bag of P28 bread costs $6.99 or less if you buy 10 loaves at a time or more. It’s not cheap, but protein costs more than straight flour. This is a bread for people who train for any sport, whether that’s bodybuilding or cycling.

Regular bread makes you feel full for about ten minutes before the simple carbs are distributed as energy and you want more sugar. Protein bread contains omega-3 fatty acids for great heart health and fiber as well.

If your children won’t eat meat, this could be the way to feed them more of the goodness they need for brain health and overall development. To consume the 28g you want, eat two slices made with whole wheat, flax seed millet, sunflower seed, and oats. There are 8 amino acids but no cholesterol in the recipe.


Order a 4-pack of your favorite spread and make a sandwich out of P28 bread. Each pack of 4 costs $39.96 and contains more whey protein isolate. Flavors are decadent: almond butter peanut butter, white chocolate, apple crisp, banana raisin, gingerbread at Christmas, and a Signature Blend.

The last one is a mixture of almonds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, peanuts, flax seeds, honey, cinnamon, and whey. A 42-gram serving provides 2 grams of fiber, 14 grams of protein, some calcium and iron, and lots of flavor.

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