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At New Vision they are confident enough to give themselves a title: America’s favorite Meal Prep Service. They bring wholesome food to Americans across the country. New Vision’s goal is to redesign the way busy people eat, leaving them no good excuse for defaulting to fast food when their lives are too hectic to prepare and plan with good nutrition in mind.

First Time Service

This is actually the country’s first meal-prep company to go nation-wide. Although clients can order tasty meals from the menu, custom meals are available too. Clients have a variety of goals in mind: to lose weight, bulk up, or fit good eating into the chaos of modern living.

One Fewer Task for the Day

Why do so many people become obese in spite of their busy lives? This has more to do with eating than anything else. Life might leave you breathless, but it’s mostly spent at a desk or in a car during the working-day commute or after-school activity run.

Much of our life is sedentary because there’s no time to just walk to the store: we’re in a hurry. Fitting food into that mix involves planning or compromise: get healthy stuff ready every Sunday, laid out in Tupperware for the week, or stop at a drive-thru for every meal.

Often it’s the latter option we choose. Having meal preparation looked after by professional dietitians and chefs takes a weight off and, while better for us, is inevitably no more expensive than eating at restaurants all the time. Even fast-food is expensive compared with regular grocery shopping.

Experience in Charge

New Vision chefs combine their experience to provide decades-worth of knowledge and inspiration. They do this for a living and love what they do, even if you hate cooking. They also understand nutrition and how to create a meal that meets a customer’s dietary needs.

Menus at New Vision Nutrition

The company divides menus into several categories. There are breakfast, dessert, and entrée menus. Order from the vegetarian or gluten-free menu. Choose from multiple flavors of protein pancakes or Spanish scrambled eggs for the morning meal, all nutritional information supplied on the website before placing your order.

Desserts are full of protein but also rich with decadent flavors. Some menus cross over such as gluten-free with breakfast, vegetarian, and entrée items. Choose tofu, salmon, or chicken; veggie burgers, tilapia, or steak. There is a huge amount of variety not just in the focus of a dish but also the flavorings such as Thai, Spanish, and Italian.

Meals are well-rounded and contain carbohydrates plus protein. Carbs for gluten-free customers are in the form of vegetables, but pasta and wraps are also on the menu. New Vision Nutrition invites customers to build their own meals too. Select a protein, vegetables, and then carbs such as rice, pasta, or potatoes.

Reasoned Selection

You know what your goal is: to lose fat, pack on muscle, or tone. Use the New Vision Nutrition menu guide to find meals that satisfy your goals. They are broken down according to your aims and divided between men and women.

Read what other customers have reported about various dishes to get a feel for what’s really going to arrive at your door: how it will taste, appearance, and texture. Also check out ways to save money as you go about shopping on the website. There is a $10 coupon for those who sign up to an email subscription. Take advantage if you plan to order a couple of meals any time soon.


How does all of this food stay fresh? If you order for an entire week, how do you know the food will be okay to eat in seven days? Food arrives freshly prepared and packaged to your door. Put it in the refrigerator for a week or the freezer for longer.

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