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I have to confess that I didn’t quite get what Mindvalley was about. The website is experimental and, though interesting, is still the face of a sales ploy. You know how a page will capture your interest by only hinting at what they are selling but doesn’t really tell you anything?

That’s the landing page for Mindvalley. If I want to know more I have to watch videos or, presumably, contact someone at the company. Actually, reading the founder’s bio was much more revealing.

Mindvalley Company

There are six companies or brands including Mindvalley, the other five being elula, Mindvalley Insights, Omvana, Project Renaissance, and Mindvalley Academy. The site refers to “Tribe Learn” as though members, participants, teachers, and affiliates are their own separate country connected virtually worldwide.

What connects them? Apparently, it is a lifelong love of learning. Oh, and the mention of affiliates above should be a clue: this isn’t some not-for-profit agency spreading reading and writing materials to third world countries.

Learning Resource

So is this a company with the aim to teach? Founder Vishen Lakhiani refers to gaps in education but you have to watch a video to know what he is talking about. All the images on his website show people in the 18-35 age range, so he isn’t interested in elementary, middle, or high school.

What is he teaching?

Lakhiani and his team teach people to “question their reality” and change the way they view their lives or the definition of success. In other words, these are life coaches peddling self-help in a high-tech world. You used to have to read a book. Now you can just contact your life coach and he’ll show you how to answer life’s questions.

Nations Unite

Apparently, the Mindvalley community or tribe is connected online across many countries. His employees come from 40 countries. Their policy is to recruit employees and participants from a diverse group and change the way they view education; presumably, education about how to live, not algebra and grammar.

Pushing Humanity Forward

That’s an actual phrase used on the website. Lakhiani wants to “push humanity forward” and give them the power to find joy and health. This is a bold statement and the idea that any man thinks he can teach people these skills is worrying.

He’s not exactly Father Time, white bearded and full of experience. His images don’t even show a lot of teeth. This 40 year-old, US-educated technological expert wears the same Mona Lisa smile in every picture.

Setting Goals

According to Mindvalley, life coaching is all about setting individual goals. Your aims and objectives are different from those of other people. Apparently, they might also be wrong.

What have you dreamed of becoming or accomplishing? Could you be selling yourself short because of gaps in your life skills and errors in teaching? Might your parents or society have messed you up so much that you don’t know what you really want?

Don’t worry: Vishen Lakhiani knows better and he will help set your course where you really wanted to go, before you realized that was where you wanted to go. He does this using the Silva Method or an adaptation of that method which influenced him considerably during his early career. Ah — now you know what this is about.


This is the part that perplexes me. Mindvalley has won awards, but for what? Watch the videos. They sell apps and other platforms for teaching, so would those be their award-winning products? How is it that every self-help premise is supposedly better than the last one? This one has managed to impress people with undeniably revolutionary approach to teaching self-help.

Who is Vishen Lakhiani?

His bio says that Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and a speaker. He specializes in teaching healthier living, but not like a holistic practitioner. The Silva Method helped him deal with stress. He hopes that by promoting his holistic view, Mindvalley will one day be rated “best place to work” in the world.

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