How to Pick the Perfect Sports Bra for Any Bust Size

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Sports bras are the ultimate save when it comes to feeling comfortable while working out. There is no need for bouncing breasts during your workout. So why not lean on to sports bra for the support and comfort that they are known to provide. But choosing the perfect sports bra might be a real challenge ,as choosing best pre-workout ingredients, especially for all of you who have not previously worn one. Today, we are here to offer you some tips and tricks that you can use in what seems the never-ending search for the perfect sports bra. Let’s hope that with these tips, your search will be over.

Why do you need a good sports bra?

Perhaps you are used to working out without a sports bra, and you are now wondering why would one need a sports bra in the first place. We are all about saving money, but this is not the thing that you would want to save on. A good sports bra is needed at all times, no matter what workout you are doing.

The thing is that during a workout, especially one of a high-impact activities such as running and aerobics, your breasts move with you. They move all through the three dimensions of space while going through underlying damage. These movements result in discomfort, chafing, and, most importantly – straining of the breasts’ supportive tissue. This is the recipe for saggy breasts in the future! And which woman likes to see her saggy breasts sooner than expected? No woman, of course! A sports bra is meant to be worn at all times during a workout, and it can even be worn when you are tired of wearing your normal bra around the house.

When do you need to buy a new sports bra?

So now that you have understood why would you need to actually wear your sports bra instead of letting it sit around in the wardrobe let’s discuss the signs that are telling you that you need to go shopping for a new and improved sports bra!

Try your old sports bra and try to notice every detail about it. If your sports bra has lost its shape or is no longer providing the support that it once did, then you definitely need to change it. Maybe your breasts have changed since the last time that you have worn it – that is another sign that you need a new one. If the elastic is stretching out or the fabric is pilling along the edges, that is the cry for a new sports bra that you need to hear it!

Why is it important that your sports bra really fits your bust size?

If your sports bra does not fit, there is no point in wearing it, since it causes more damage than good. A poor fitting sports bra will lead to breast and/or back pain. A too thigh sports bra will leave red marks on your back, and you will feel the straps digging into your skin, preventing you from doing the required movements during the workout without feeling pain and discomfort. A good fitting sports bra will provide the needed support and prevent your breasts from sagging so that you can actually enjoy the workout for a change. You see, it is one thing to worry about the best pre-workout ingredients, workout duration, and healthy eating, but it is another thing to do that with the support that a good sports bra has to offer.

Tips on how to find the best sports bra for any bust size

Pink Sports Bra

  • Tip number 1 – Make sure that your sports bra is tight but not too tight that it restricts your breathing. Let’s be clear – a sports bra is meant to be tighter than a regular bra, but that does not mean that it should stop your breathing in the process. You are meant to lose your breath but due to exercise not because of a too-tight sports bra. You should be able to fit at least two fingers between the straps and the shoulders in a good fitting sports bra.
  • Tip number 2 – The fabric is supposed to be smooth without any wrinkles being present. Wrinkles point out that your sports bra is too big, while if you are spilling outside the bra itself, that is an indication that your bra is just too small.
  • Tip number 3 – Before running out to the cashier, do a quick run test. While hiding in the wardrobe, use the time to jump around or even imitate some of the movements that you do while working out. That is if the time and place allow you to. That way, you will be able to feel and see how the sports bra is following your movements and spare yourself the time and the trouble of coming back to the store to look for yet another sports bra if any pain or discomfort is present, that is the alarm sign that you need to find another sports bra.
  • Tip number 4 – Look for a bra that has flexible underwire to give you the best comfort and support needed. And while we are talking about underwire, make sure that while you are trying your sports bra, its underwire is laying flat against your rib cage, just below your breast. An underwire is not meant to pinch or dig into your skin in any case. And remember – although you might be used to wireless bras, you may want to choose a sports bra that has an underwire. Simply because thanks to the underwire, you will get to enjoy more comfort and support.


As you can see, there are just a few details that you need to watch out for a while, searching for the best sports bra that you can find. With today’s tips, we doubt that you will face the same worries and problems that you have in the past while looking for a new sports bra. Go ahead and treat yourself with a new fancy sports bra and finally be ready to enjoy your workouts as you are meant to.

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