How to Get Posture Support in the Office

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Most people who work in an office setting suffer from chronic back pain. The back pain is typically caused by spending most of their days seated in chairs that do not offer adequate support to make it physically possible for them to maintain good posture. Since they spend most of the day slouching, their spines come out of alignment, causing them pain and discomfort.

You can easily avoid the pain caused by slouching in your office chair all day by investing in the proper support cushions. When you provide your body with adequate support, you will not need to slouch because you will easily maintain the correct posture. You have to set yourself up to succeed if you do not want to deal with back pain.

Where You Need Support In Your Office Chair

There are 2 significant places that you have to have adequate support when you are going to be seated for an extended period.

●    Lumbar

Your lumbar is the area located at the bottom half of your back. If your spine is correctly aligned, this area of your back will be concave. When you look at most chairs, you will notice that even though our backs are not straight, they design them with straight backs.

This design flaw leaves a gap between the chair and your lower back that needs to be filled with a support cushion to sit comfortably.

Without a support cushion, you will only be physically able to maintain proper posture until your core muscles eventually become exhausted. Then you will have no option but to slouch. Unfortunately, this slouching over an extended period leads to chronic back pain and many other health issues.

●    Seat

Our bodies work their best when we are in an upright position. However, when we sit down without adequate support under us, we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on our tail bones—300% more pressure than when we are standing.  When you use the proper support cushion, all of the additional pressure created by sitting will be evenly throughout your hips and thighs.

When this support is not present, your hips will not sit correctly to support your spine and allow it to stay in alignment. In addition, sitting for an extended period without adequate support cushions will lead to chronic pain and can even affect your overall health in many different ways.

Support Cushions = Improved Overall Health

Many people have no idea how important it is for your overall health to ensure that you are always maintaining the correct posture. Once your spine comes out of alignment, it can significantly affect many of the major systems that keep your body running. The way the unalignment of your spine can affect your body is why you need to invest in adequate office posture support.

Bad Posture = Health Problems

As mentioned earlier, maintaining proper posture is essential to maintaining good health. However, it can cause issues in any part of your body.

●    Digestive Health

Few people realize that bad posture can have a considerable effect on your digestive system. When you slouch, you make it harder for your digestive system to work. However, when everything in your body is aligned correctly, you digest food more effectively and have fewer issues with heartburn and other common ailments.

●    Heart and Circulatory Health

Maintaining good posture also helps to make it easier for your heart to circulate blood more efficiently. When you slouch, you can make blood vessels constrict without realizing it. In addition, the lack of blood circulating can often cause your arms and legs to fall asleep in certain positions.

●    Chronic Pain

Bad posture causes all of your bones to come out of alignment, which places unnecessary stress on joints that are not designed to handle all the pressure they are receiving. This extra pressure leads to chronic pain developing throughout your body. Providing yourself with the support you need to maintain good posture can help get rid of all these aches and pains.

●    Arthritis

Over time the access pressure on your joints can start to wear them down and lead to permanent damage. This damage could come in the form of arthritis, pain in your joints generally caused by inflammation.

Purchase Office Posture Support Cushions Today

It is time to improve your health and invest in proper office posture support cushions. Remember to purchase one for your lower back, a seat cushion, and a foam footrest for your feet. With these three support cushions, you can kiss all those aches and pains goodbye.

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