How to Free Yourself From Bunions

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You’ve developed a bunion, and you want it gone, but you also want to avoid the lengthy recovery that you associate with surgery. The good news is that you have great options when it comes to treating your bunions.

Why Did This Bunion Develop Anyway?

You might have heard your grandparents lament about getting older and developing bunions. However, bunions don’t just impact older people. They develop on many individuals, young and old alike. Genetics, injury, flat feet, and, yes, aging help these bony growths develop. Many athletes and dancers, especially ballet dancers, develop bunions.

It all goes back to your ligaments. You have loose ligaments in your feet. That itself isn’t a bag thing, but your ligaments are responsible for holding the bones of your feet in precise alignment. Loose ligaments mean that your metatarsal bones can migrate. They can move towards the outer edge of the foot, which can cause one of your toes to move inward. When this happens, the bone faces the incorrect way, and the bone can protrude on the side of your foot next to the toe.

Train Your Toes Where to Go

You can wear orthotics that hold your toe in the proper position. By re-aligning it, you may experience some temporary relief from your foot pain. These orthotics can reduce the pressure on the metatarsal bones.

Buy the Right Shoes

First, have the sales assistant measure your feet and fit you for well-fitting shoes. Then, choose a shoe with good arch support, and that reduces pressure on your toe.

Have the store stretch the shoes before you wear them. Do this instead of trying to break in the shoes by wearing them. This way, you also wear comfortable shoes that help keep your feet in proper alignment.

Buy the Right Socks

Avoid cotton socks because they create high friction. Instead, choose a sock that has no seams and cushions the bunion. Compression socks with cushioning can provide comfort until you can properly treat the bunion. Some of these socks contain silver fibers.

Wear a Bunion Corrector

A bunion corrector fits the foot much like a sock does, but it has no bottom or toe covering. Instead, an elastic band fits around the back of the foot, and a similar band goes over the toes. The corrector fits the toe in the proper position, temporarily alleviating the pain. Unlike at-home orthotics, though, you can wear the corrector under your socks and inside regular shoes.

By combining all of these treatments, you can find some temporary relief for bunion pain while you prepare for minimally invasive bunion removal from experts like the ones at Northwest Surgery Center. The only long-term treatment for bunions is surgical removal, but you can try to reduce your day-to-day pain with the remedies above while you await your removal.

The best option is to begin bunion treatment as soon as you see one start to form. Immediately consult your doctor if you think you may be developing a bunion. Then, you might try some of these temporary relief strategies until you can schedule your bunion removal and be free from your bunion for good.

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