Why do Baby Boomers Forget Where They Left Things?

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Many Baby Boomers find it difficult to come to grips with memory issues that commonly appear as they age. Whether your worsening memory is affecting your ability to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones or is making daily life and simple tasks more difficult for you, it certainly can be very frustrating.

Thankfully, there are some options out there to explore, which can potentially help improve your memory in the latter stages of your life. Before looking at how you can improve your memory, let’s first outline why Baby Boomers often become more forgetful as they age.

Why Do We Become More Forgetful?

Several different physiological changes in the body make us more forgetful as we age, even if we’re not suffering from an ailment that affects our memory, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

One of the main reasons this happens as we grow old is that, just like every other part of our body, regions of the brain that store our memories deteriorate in our twilight years.

In particular, the deterioration of the hippocampus – which plays a key role in our creation and storing of memories and information – can significantly hamper our memory.

Reduced blood flow to the brain, which typically happens as we get older and older, can also make us more forgetful. This is because blood carries important nutrients and compounds that our brain needs to function, so it’s no surprise that a reduction in the supply of these nutrients to our body’s control center doesn’t bode well for memory recall.

Lastly, some seniors struggle with memory recall because of the gradual fall in the production of certain types of hormones and proteins that are important to the brain. These compounds are very important to our memory as they promote neural growth and repair various brain cells, which are essential to the brain’s healthy functioning.

How Can I Improve My Memory?

As already mentioned, there are a few different options for you to explore when trying to improve your memory. For example, you can make various lifestyle changes, which may improve your brain’s health.

However, you may have limited success with these simple lifestyle changes – and you often have to wait quite a while before seeing results. If you’re very keen on improving your memory, a better option is to try a nootropic.

Simply put, a nootropic is a drug or supplement which improves cognitive function. Some nootropics aim to promote good brain health in general, while others are focused on improving your memory (and other aspects of your brain’s health.)

You can order a nootropic online with ease, but it’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure you’re buying an effective and safe product.

A Quick Summary

  • Our memory declines as we age, which can make it difficult to continue employment, maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, and may even complicate simple everyday tasks.
  • This happens because our brains, just like almost every part of our body, deteriorate (in one way or another) as we grow older.
  • You can slow down this deterioration or even improve your memory by making certain lifestyle changes, but it’s quite rare to achieve noticeable results this way.
  • Taking a nootropic is a much more effective way to improve your memory.

A nootropic is any drug or supplement that promotes cognitive function. There are broad nootropics and others that aim to improve a particular aspect of your brain’s health, such as memory.

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