We have tried all three programs, and they are all excellent fitness programs. As with any kind of exercise regime, muscle building plan, or weight loss resolution, it is all up to the individual, and of course a good diet will be a very important aspect.

That being said, in short…

We found that Insanity is a little more cardio-based than P90X, which is more of a mix of building muscle, combined with cardio.

Crossfit is centered around quite a lot of weight training, and it is somewhat of a community. Not that there aren’t a community with Beachbody products also, but Crossfit is typically done at a Crossfit facility, and there is a nice camaraderie, almost like a family feeling, great supportive community.

The one major distinguishing aspect between Crossfit, and BeachBody Products (P90X and Insanity), is that The BeachBody Products are all essentially home based workouts, where Crossfit is typically done in a facility.

People are always looking for the ultimate workout. And they are always going to want to know the best way to look great and get in shape. It’s in our nature to want the perfect workout in order to achieve the body that we’ve always desired.

Three of the most popular workouts are CrossFit, P90X and Insanity. Here’s a little about each to hopefully help you decide which sounds best for your fitness goals.

The P90X Workout

P90X is a DVD video exercise program that lasts for 90 days. But it’s more than just a workout because it also comes with an available nutrition guide.

Once getting the program, you will get 12 DVDs with all types of workouts including yoga, cardio and even strength training. Plus you’re even going to learn some martial arts.


Schedule your workouts and follow a calendar and you’ll start to experience the great benefits of this workout. The nutrition guide provides a high-protein diet that will eventually move into the athlete diet that consists of carbohydrates.


3-Phase Nutrition Plan: The Ultimate P90X Work Out Companion

Nutrition plans are extremely important when beginning a workout program. Failure to maintain a proper diet can undo most of the hard work that your body is attempting during the exercise. Tony Horton has created the ultimate Three Phase Nutrition Plan to accompany the P90X workout system.

Who Is Tony Horton?

For more than twenty-five years, Tony Horton has been revolutionizing the fitness world with his total body workouts. These programs have become the most popular home workouts by selling over seven million copies worldwide. His training systems not only focus on the cutting edge of sport science but they also incorporate nutrition programs to improve stamina and strength.

What Is P90X?

P90X uses a muscle confusion training system to get the maximum results from your home workout. In targeted training phases, your body keeps adapting and growing as you advance through the workout program. The short training cycles challenge your muscles with variety and intensity. The program is designed to maximize fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways every day that you work out.

P90X Nutrition Plan — Phase One

Phase One of the nutrition plan focuses on fat shredding. The plan begins with a higher protein diet. This will help to shed fat quickly while strengthening your muscles.

P90X Nutrition Plan — Phase Two

Phase Two of the nutrition plan boosts your energy. It features a balanced mix of carbohydrates and proteins with lower amounts of fat. This is designed to give you the extra energy boost needed for an enhanced performance.

P90X Nutrition Plan — Phase Three

Phase Three is designed to maximize endurance during your workouts. It is an athletic diet centered around complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. Not only will you be training like an athlete but also eating like one will help to achieve and maintain your desired results.

Scientific evidence proves that maintaining the proper diet is one of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off. Sticking with your diet can make or break the results that you are trying to achieve.

The Three-Phase Nutrition Plan is a hidden gem in the P90X workout system, designed by experts to ensure you receive the best balance of carbohydrates and proteins to burn stored fat while building lean muscle.

P90X Pros

  • The product is a 90 day challenge and it’s an excellent way to revitalize your desire to work out. This is especially true if you’ve been slacking off with your workouts in the past.
  • You have access to many different workout styles and types, and you can continue to use these workouts after the program is completed
  • the instructions and DVDs make it very simple to understand the P90X workout
  • you’ll have to buy this one time and there is no monthly membership involved
  • have the ability to work out from the comfort of your own home

P90X Cons

  • it’s a tough workout and many newbies find it difficult to get started
  • must have basic home gym equipment in order to properly get the most out of the workouts






Joining The CrossFit Craze

CrossFit is one of the workout crazes spreading across the globe. One of the ways it differs from the other workout fads is the community aspect. There are not only CrossFit gyms popping up in every community but also affinity groups for CrossFit Moms, Kids, Veterans, and Older Adults.

You name it and there is a CrossFit community for it. If you love the challenge of a good workout and want to create a community of like-minded enthusiasts, CrossFit may be a good fit for you.

What Is CrossFit?

First, what is CrossFit? CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman. The workouts are based on functional movements that reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

Unlike traditional work out programs, CrossFit is data driven by using whiteboards as scoreboards to keep accurate scores and records of workouts. Communities naturally develop as people do these workout together.

How Can I Join the CrossFit Craze?

Once you understand CrossFit and its popularity, you may begin asking how you can join the craze. Becoming an affiliate is a simple six step process.

1. Visit the website and complete an application that provides some general information about yourself and an essay. The essay should contain information about your background, why you are interested in becoming a CrossFit affiliate and what you hope to achieve.

2. Identify your potential location. You may want to check around and be sure there are no, or not too many, CrossFit locations near your intended site.

3. Submit proof of insurance. The insurance will serve as protection for yourself as well as the members you plan to train.

4. Submit your payment of $3,000 for the first year as a CrossFit affiliate. This investment will ensure you have access to all the tools you need to be successful.

5. Submit the electronically signed license agreement to officially establish your relationship with CrossFit.

6. Get to work. You are officially apart of the CrossFit team and can begin working to create your own CrossFit community. Once your website is set up to the CrossFit specifications, you will be linked to the main site and able to begin promoting your CrossFit community.

While going through the process, make sure you are actively participating in the CrossFit online community, that you have achieved at least a Level 1 Certificate, and that you are following all the guidelines.

CrossFit Pros

  • CrossFit has a workout of the day style that is very random and spontaneous, so you’re not going to get bored ever doing the same exercises over and over
  • CrossFit gyms provide an exciting and real community full of people that help each other stay motivated to complete an intense workout
  • Easy to find the workout of the day online and through mobile apps
  • You will improve your fitness and achieve your stated goal

CrossFit Cons

  • Workouts are often done with uncertified trainers that do not understand good form and technique
  • It can often cost a pretty penny to join an affiliate gym
  • There are no diet or nutritional materials included with its exercise program

Find A Gym Near You: http://www.crossfit.com





The Insanity Workout

Insanity is a 60 day workout program that consists of 10 DVDs. It also has a nutrition program as well. The program is similar P90X and created by Shaun T, the creator of Hip Hop Abs.


Reasons To Take The INSANITY Workout Challenge

The INSANITY workout is one of the latest Beachbody workout programs to hit the market. With so many options available out there, this one stands out above its competitors because it is designed for those who are looking for an intense program that delivers immediate results.

It Takes Only 45 Minutes

Many of the workout programs on the market can make you feel like you must dedicate your entire day to the program. This action-packed workout will have your blood pumping and sweat dripping in only 45 minutes.

Results in 60 Days

Do you have a big event coming up in the next couple of months and want a major change? This is the program that will guarantee those results. Unlike traditional interval workouts, INSANITY uses Max Interval Training to keep your body working at maximum capacity for the entire workout, with breaks only long enough to catch your breath.

Work Out at Home

Stop those direct drafts from your debit account and purchase this DVD program to work out from home, on your own schedule, using your own shower when you’re done. No need to get embarrassed about sweating it out in front of strangers. Go hard in your own living room, on your own schedule.


Unlike a traditional gym membership, this program is jam packed with bonus material to help you build and keep your ideal body. It includes a wall calendar to help keep you on track toward hitting your 60-day goal, an elite nutrition plan with 60 day’s worth of menus and recipes to ensure you eat foods that will help keep away the fat and two bonus work out DVDs to push you even harder toward your goal.

Once you start down the INSANITY path, you will get hooked. It is unlike any program that you have ever tried because it is designed to push you past your comfort zone and into the result zone. Forget about making a gym commitment and mustering up the energy to drive there and back home or straight to work. With INSANITY, you can lose your mind in the comfort of your own home. In just 60 days, you will have the body of your dreams.

Insanity Pros

  • Perform the workout from the comfort of your own home
  • Easy to understand DVDs and instructions
  • Comes with an excellent nutrition plan

Insanity Cons

  • It’s a really tough program but most likely what you need when first getting started
  • Must be self-motivated
  • Is difficult to do as part of a group




Now that you know the difference between CrossFit vs. P90X vs. Insanity, which one do you plan to try first?





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