H2O Water Filter Pitcher: Why Change Those Filters Regularly?

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You’ve heard it countless times: “Water is a basic need for survival.”To many of us, access to good water source is easy. It’s just one tap away.Thankfully, we don’t need to go three kilometers down the hill just to fetch a pail of water. Okay, now that sounds like a nursery rhyme. But seriously,it was also recently when modern technologies have made it possible for us to have the safest, best-tasting H2O we can have right in our own homes.

For example, home owners can have a complete purification system installed so that the liquid that runs through their faucets are fresh and contaminant-free. In some homes, the purification system is so impressive that you can even drink the water from your shower or bathroom faucet.

In addition to this complete purifier connected to your plumbing system, you also have an option to have a backup purifier—a portable water filter pitcher to ensure that you’re drinking the purest aqua possible. Good thing, it comes in a variety of features, prices and sizes. You can definitely choose the one that’s perfect for you. To give you a better idea about how it works and other relevant information, go visit the website Best Water Filter Pitcher.

The Importance of Changing the Filters Regularly

That’s great if you already have a water filter pitcher. It shows just how much you value your health. Proper rehydration on a daily basis is a must if we want to stay healthy. The right amount of water in the body is crucial for theimportant bodily processes taking place in our organ systems. In simple words, our vital organs need adequate water to function.

Even so, the goal isn’t just to rehydrate. We need to take in clean liquid that’s free from harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses and a large concentration of heavy metals. So, investing in water purifieris just as important as getting a home with good access to H2O.

Sadly, some of us may tend to overlook this need, especially the need to replace the gauze in that pitcher. You’d rather shop for new clothes as you saw a flash sale on your favorite online store. And you would do that without even thinking twice. But replacing those filters? You think five times and finally, you decide that you can put it off until later. It’s similar whenever you feel guilty about not changing your toothbrush every after three months. Gross, right?

It’s funny how we easily spend on things we don’t really need at the moment but we put off the small details that are actually an essential part of the right priorities. For example, that necessary repair at home that’s practically begging you—even screaming for attention, when would you really get to it? That filter—when was the last time you replaced it?

If you can’t remember exactly, then probably, it has been a long time. Worse, you haven’t even replaced it since the purchase of your water filter pitcher. Tell you what, folks, you have to take this seriously. You might not be aware of what happens when you fail to do this.

Change Water Filters regularly

First of all, the manufacturer provides clear and specific instructions on when you should replace the filter.This could vary depending on how the product was designed. Some could take four to six months of use before needing replacement while some have shorter shelf life that could only last for up to two months.

After this estimated timeframe, you may feel like you can still normally use your water filter pitcher like before and that nothing has really changed. Over time though, it loses its ability to strain out unwanted contaminants and particles from your tap. It can be annoyingly sluggish when in use, too.

But its sluggishnessisn’t the main issue here. The main problem is that over time, unwanted particles and contaminants could accumulate in the filter which makes it unable to get rid of newer dirtand other pesky chemicals. The buildup will just increase as you continue using the pitcher without changing its filter. Learn more about water filter pitchers in this article.

In this situation, it will be more suitable to say that you should be more careful about the water from your pitcher than the water that’s freshly ran from the tap. You’ll surely find it mind-boggling to think how tap water that wasn’t filtered in your pitcher could be actually safer than something that has ran through an archaic filter. By archaic, we mean it’s too old and it definitely needs replacement.

What’s the Gross Secret of Your Old Filter?

Well, folks, your filter doesn’t kill bacteria. It only absorbs them and keeps them away from the H2O you drink.Apparently, these can accumulate in your filter over time. Your filter’s constant cool temperature and moist environment makes it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So, just imagine how their population could rapidly grow if you fail to replace your filter regularly as instructed by its manufacturer.

The presence of these minute organisms in your drinking water can pose serious threats to your health. Think about the inconvenience brought by diarrhea. And so, it’s only reasonable, even more economical to buy new filters at the right time. If the manufacturer says it should be done every two months, put a mark on your calendar so you won’t forget. Make it a priority. Ditch your old dirty filters now.

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