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Since you found your way here, then you’re obviously aware that emu oil is suddenly sweeping the nation. In fact, this incredible oil is seeing positive press all around the world. And it’s not surprising since the emu industry today is based on the use of this traditional oil to treat arthritis pain and skin problems. It has been helping people for many generations and it will continue to help those now and in the future.

The best thing about the current state of emu oil is that modern research confirms these benefits. So taking emu oil is justified and it’s looked upon as a wise practice. It provides significant benefits for the conditions mentioned, and there are other great benefits that we would also like to share with you about this amazing oil.

Before we take a closer look at the actual benefits, let’s learn more about the ingredients.

The Ingredients in Emu Oil

To keep things simple, we will take a look at the two most powerful and essential fatty acids that are found in emu oil. Oleic acid is one of the powerful ingredients and the other is known as linolenic acid.

All in all, it’s important to understand that emu oil is a mixture of 100% fatty acids in their purest form. Since the human body does benefit tremendously from the essential fatty acids known as linoleic and linolenic, and they aren’t actually developed in the human body, then we have to get them through diet or supplements.

As we know, the essential fatty acids are known as Omega threes, Omega sixes and Omega nine fatty acids. They are considered the healthy fatty acids and the truth is they are absolutely essential for the best health possible. They help with nervous system function, energy levels and growth, so they are an important and powerful part of the human body.

The Most Powerful Properties Contained in Emu Oil

To get a better understanding of why this is such a powerful oil, we want to share the most prevailing properties so that you know why this is such a potent product.

Those commanding properties include:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • it’s hypoallergenic and prevents skin irritation
  • it is a nongreasy formula that absorbs in the skin and highly penetrates it
  • it will not clog pores
  • it prevents the growth of bacteria

This powerful oil also naturally contains some of the most potent and effective vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that we need for good health. They include: terpines, oleic acid, linolenic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A and sapogens.

Now we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using emu oil.

Emu Oil Reduces Stiffness and Pain

Unfortunately, as we get older, the human body naturally begins to break down. People begin to experience pain and stiffness in places that they have never experienced it before. This is typically due to natural wear and tear and just being alive for a longer length of time.

The great thing is that the essential oils in emu oil are excellent for pain relief. It can reduce sore muscles, eliminate joint pain and even help to prevent discomfort.

We like this oil because it has a way of penetrating deeply within the muscles and skin. These benefits are essential for all types of pain relief, as you will learn below.

Emu oil reduces pain and stiffness in the following ways:

  • reduces swelling
  • reduces stiffness
  • reduces muscle pain
  • reduces joint pain
  • alleviates shingles discomfort
  • alleviates inflammatory conditions
  • alleviates arthritis
  • prevents muscle strain and stiffness if used prior to exercising
  • reduces injury discomfort

Can Emu Oil Help to Alleviate the Symptoms of Certain Skin Conditions?

Yes it can, and it’s a powerful substance that can help to eliminate all types of skin conditions.

In particular, emu oil is known as pure oil that is perfect for sensitive skin and eliminating skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. This oil helps to moisturize the skin to eliminate the dryness that many people will experience when suffering from psoriasis or eczema.

Emu oil is also fantastic at removing the signs of stretch marks. So if you have stretch marks from giving birth or you’ve lost a dramatic amount of weight and you’re looking to get rid of your stretch marks, emu oil is definitely beneficial in that regard.

As you can see, emu oil is a great way to rid yourself of some serious health problems including pain and suffering. If you suffer from any of the things that we have mentioned today, you should give this oil a try to see if you can experience the same benefits.

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