Are Fermented Foods A Good Probiotic Source To Fight Candida?

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Fermented foods have plenty of healthy bacteria. Fermentation converts sugars into healthy acids. While not all fermented products are ideal, there are some that are excellent sources of probiotics when you want to eliminate candida.


Yogurt is an easy, inexpensive way to consume probiotics. Not all yogurt is the same. The label should clearly state that it contains live cultures. Choose plain yogurt that does not have added sugar.

If you do not like the taste of plain yogurt, you can sweeten it with a bit of raw honey. Yogurt is one of the best sources of good bacteria.

Fermented Vegetables

Kimchi and sauerkraut are fermented cabbage. As the products sold in jars and cans have been pasteurized, the bacteria has been destroyed. Instead, choose unpasteurized, raw products. You may need to visit a health food store to find the raw vegetables, and you can prepare them at home.


A milk drink that has been fermented with kefir grains, it is a good substitute for traditional dairy products. If you wish, you can prepare it at home with kefir grains and milk. As kefir grains are long-lasting, it is an economical option, too.

Other Fermented Foods

You may find other fermented foods in your local grocery store, but you should take precautions when you want the best results. The best option is to choose fresh, raw vegetables, and ferment them yourself with a starter culture. It is a relatively easy process, and you will have the healthiest benefits.

If you prefer to buy products that are already fermented, choose the highest quality foods you can find. Read the labels before you choose a product. Cheaper products often contain brine, vinegar, or have not been processed properly, and can worsen your symptoms. Quality vegetables have been lacto-fermented.

When you are coping with symptoms from candida, it is worth the effort to make some changes to your diet. Probiotics can help you fight candida, and these fermented foods are a good way to start. Include some of these foods in your diet each day, and you will be on your way to better health.

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