Will Paulo Borrachinha Be a Future UFC Champ?

On March 11, 2017, Paulo Borrichinha had a dominant win over Garreth McLellan, and a very exciting finish, just over 1 minute into the first round for his UFC debut. That gave him a professional MMA record of 9-0.

And he just had another great win over Oluwale Bamgbose, early into the second round. Bambgose unloaded his tank with some explosive attacks within the first 2 minutes in the first round, and from then on, Borrachinha showed a good fight IQ, not rushing in too fast, with some nice counters and attacks to the body, along with defending well against everything Garreth threw at him, and then in the second round he finished the fight after McLellan went down.

So far he looks strong in his two fights. He also had a humble attitude after the win in the post fight interview, and said he hopes he has shown that he deserves a fight with a top 10 contender.

The announcers commented how he sounded like he was looking past his opponent towards the future, which can be a bad idea, but he seemed to back up that sentiment in tonight’s fight.

That’s a ways away from a title shot, but he looks pretty good so far. What do you think? Should Bisping start getting worried? Maybe a match with Yoel Romero on the horizon?

However the future pans out for him, he’s definitely becoming a star in his homeland, Brazil where he won a great fight.

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