Did Big John McCarthy Stop The Max Holloway Jose Aldo Fight Too Soon?

Big John McCarthy is obviously an expert at what he does, and clearly one of, if not THE best ref in the UFC, but after the stoppage in the third round of the Max Holloway and Jose Aldo fight in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, you couldn’t deny the sense that the fans especially, and Jose himself, desperately wanted the fight to go on.

You can certainly see where Big John was coming from, as how Dominick Cruz mentioned as a commentator, how Jose seemed unable to defend himself, as part of the ref’s job is to protect fighters, even from themselves, but you could also look at it like he was recovering, and weathering the storm, and getting ready to explode out.

Jose seemed to disagree strongly, with his body language. he didn’t stick around for the post fight interview either, which seems even more of an indication of his defiance with the stoppage. This is a heavy blow to his previously near perfect record, and undefeated career in the UFC, until his quick fight with Conor McGregor, which was stopped in the first round, just 14 seconds in as Conor caught Jose with his infamous left hook.

What Do You Think?

Do you think the fight should have gone on? Do you think Jose somewhat agreed and was disappointed in himself, or did he clearly want to keep on going?

Either way, congrats to Max Holloway on a great fight, winning the undisputed featherweight title! Something very cool about Max is that he lost his first fight in the UFC; granted it was against Dennis Poirier, but even after starting off like that, he worked his way up to an undisputed title just five years later, that is beastly!

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