What Is The Link Between Nootropics and Weight Loss?

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Going on a diet is like plotting your own demise – especially when you’re used to living such a busy life. Just think about it:

When you go on a diet, that means cutting down on the usual food you eat. It may also mean totally changing the food you eat. Say, you’re used to meats and carbs but it’s making you gain a lot of weight. So, you want a lifestyle change. This time, you’re going to stick with a vegan diet. No meats, no dairy, less carbs (preferably), and no sweets since most desert items are made with eggs and milk.

While this sudden change in your eating habits may help you lose those love handles, it may also considerably lower your energy (read more). Meat, sugar, and carbohydrates, after all, are great energy producers. They make your body feel pumped and alive. If you suddenly lose them, it can really affect the way you function.

What do I mean by this?

For starters, you will suddenly feel a big gap in energy. For example, if you work from 9 to 5 and get lunch at 12 noon, you may start feeling weak and way too hungry soon after you start working. By lunch time, you will already feel too worn out. Then, you take your light lunch that’ll make you feel slightly better. Couple of hours in, however, your body starts crashing again.

Why does this happen?

This sudden loss of energy and inability to perform things you normally did before your lifestyle change is caused by the lack of nutrients your body receives from the food you intake. When your body is used to getting a lot of protein and a lot of carbs, it tends to crave for them. It expects to have them. If it doesn’t, it fails to produce the same amount of energy as it normally did before. Then again, it’s not like you have a choice right? You can’t just keep gaining weight so that you can satisfy your body’s need for energy-boosting food.

So, what can you do during times like this? Should you quit your diet and just give up on the idea of losing weight entirely?

Wrong. I, for one, have a better solution: Nootropic Supplements

What Do Nootropic Have To Do With Any Of This?

nootropic stack

“Yeah, right. Like getting into drugs will help me much.”

I know that’s what you’re probably thinking. Well, hear me out first.

It’s true that smart drugs have been under a lot of scrutiny and controversy in the past years but that’s only because people don’t really know much about them. You see, unfamiliarity creates fear and fear creates misconceptions. People tend to tell others biased opinions rather than strictly sticking to the facts. Point is, not all nootropic drugs are bad. In fact, many of them we take unknowingly on a frequent basis.

Don’t believe me? Well, you can find out for yourself!

Some nootropic supplements can help you lose weight and boost your brain power at the same time. And when your brain (the control center of your body that practically decides how much and how well you can perform) is boosted, the rest of your body is as well. You can read more about this here: https://slowfoodnation.org/nootropics-that-help-lose-weight/.

Never have to worry about low-energy diets ever again if you boost your body with these amazing nootropics:

woman meditating


Yes, a cup of coffee a day keeps your brain alive, alert, and ready to play! Caffeine is the substance that makes your everyday latte extra perky. It’s a wakefulness stimulant that helps keep your mind and body going throughout the day. In the nootropic world, caffeine is by far the most common and popular. But many of you might not have even thought of it as one. As I said before, there are many substances we take normally that are actually classified as nootropics so they’re not really all bad. I mean, has coffee ever made anyone mad? In fact, many people are better with coffee than without (P.S. they can get super cranky).

Aside from being a top-notch brain and energy booster, caffeine has been heavily researched and proven to have positive effects on weight loss. Drinking a cup of black roasted coffee 30 minutes before exercise can help you cover more workouts and therefore, increasing your chances of losing more weight. Other than being very helpful during workouts, coffee is also great for controlling the appetite. Make sure you drink it black though!


A cup of tea, anyone? L-Theanine is an amino acid and surprisingly enough, it is found in your Earl Grey and Oolong cups. Just like caffeine, it is studied to have significant effects on cognition and concentration. In fact, many suggest that ingesting Caffeine with L-Theanine make a killer brain boosting combo. They’re perfect for improving your focus and concentration during workouts. Modafinil is another nootropic that can help you lose weight considerably. It works better when stacked with either Caffeine or L-Theanine. Learn more about how you can lose weight with Modafinil today.


Everybody knows that Citicoline is a powerful nootropic but who knew it was great to use for diets as well? It’s studied to help control the appetite by reducing or curbing hunger. In most cases, people feel full for a longer time when they take Citicoline supplements. Of course, aside from limiting appetites, Citicoline is a highly sought after brain-boosting supplement that will definitely help you get through the dullest days.



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