Ward Kovalev 2 Fight Night Soured By Controversial Victories

There was already a bit of controversy going into this fight where Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev had their rematch, after a close first fight, since the Mayweather Mcgregor fight was announced just a few days before it, and some people thought that took away from the Ward Kovalev fight, who many boxing purists consider a much better nmatch than that of a UFC fighter taking on one of the best pound for pound boxers.

Rigondeaux KO Right After The Bell

The first controversy was the KO win by Guillermo Rigondeaux over Moises Flores at the end of the first round. Rigondeaux clearly landed after the bell, and Flores went down, and stayed down, and so the fight was called.

As Flores was down, the commentators were speculating that maybe it would be a no contest, but then the cameras honed in on someone telling Mike Buffer that the Nevada Athletic Commission watched the replay and determined that the punch was at the bell, and would be legal.

The other controversial aspect about this was also something Paulie Malignaggi noticed, in how Flores went down. He noticed he didn’t fall like someone normally would with a KO, and was insinuating that it looked staged, probably because he thought he was hit after the bell.

Andre Ward and The Low Blows

Andre Ward stopped Servey Kovalev in the 8th round. There were tons of video clips going around with comments below them about Ward’s low blows. The winning blow right before the ref stopped the fight was posted by Kovalev on his Instagram.

Here’s the video:


After the fight, Paulie Malignaggi was asked what he thought of the stoppage and he said he was disappointed with the stoppage of the fight, that he thought maybe it was a warning for low blows, but not an actual stoppage of the fight. He said it was the weirdest stoppage ever.

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