Holly Holm Is Back! Exciting Head Kick TKO To Finish Bethe Correia After Slow Start

The UFC Singapore fight night Holm vs Correia ended in dramatic, exciting fashion as Holly landed a beautiful headkick across Bethe’s face, immediately after Bethe was taunting her to do something. It was perfect timing in that way.

But perhaps even better timing was the timing of this win for Holly Holm. She became an overnight sensation for her win over the UFC star Ronda Rousey in Melbourne, Australia, where Holm shocked the world, and won the belt.

Following perhaps the biggest win of Holly’s career, she then lost 3 fights in a row, and another loss would have been devastating.

The fight was off to a slow start, as they sized each other up, and both were trying to bait the other into making the first move, so they could counter, which ended up being a bit of a chess match (Think Thompson Woodley 2), and the ref stopped them and warned them in the second round for lack of activity, and then as the third round started, there was a little action, then Correia taunted Holm, and then boom came the headkick, similar to how she finished Ronda Rousey.

It’s nice to see Holly with a win again, and that back flip she does after a win. She mentioned how it’s been over a year and a half since she was able to do that, and you could see her three losses humbled her, and she graciously thanked her supporters, and as far as looking into the future, she just expressed gratitude, and wants to just enjoy the moment for now.


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